July 26, 2011

Trivia Tuesday: World Hunger

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Earth We know how plugged into our world you guys are, and one of the big social issues affecting people around the world is hunger. You probably don't even think about it, but if you eat three meals every day, you are luckier than a lot of people in the world.

As I was researching, I came across some eye-opening worldwide facts. Did you know that. . .

  • 1 out of 6 people in the world is chronically hungry, now.
  • 3 billion people in the world struggle to live on less than $2 a day.
  • tonight, 1 billion people will go to bed hungry.

Take the quiz below to find out more.

  1. True or False. Hunger affects men, women, boys, and girls, young and old equally.
  2. What area of the world has the highest number of hungry people?
    A. Asia
    B. Africa
    C. Latin America
    D. North America
  3. How many calories a day does the average person need to live a healthy life?
    A. 900
    B. 2,100
    C. 3,000
  4. How often in the world does someone die of hunger?
    A. Every 3.6 seconds
    B. Every 10 seconds
    C. Every 2 minutes
  5. True or False. Poor nutrition affects only children’s physical development.
  6. What is the main cause of world hunger?

Leave your answers in the Comments, and check back next week for answers.

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. Noura

    Not all of the sufferers suffer equally. The vast majority (75%) of the 24,000 people that die everyday because of hunger or diseases related to hunger and malnutrition are boys and girls under 5, then the elderly and women. Typically women will give the food to the men and children first, and themselves only after that.
    2.B. Africa
    3.B. 2100 (your body might need more or less than 2,000.Caloric needs differs from one person to another).
    4.A. Every 3.6 second
    5. False
    6.The problems that aggravate world hunger are: politics, economics, transportation, access, distribution, food safety, war, drought, spoilage, contamination, and, above all, poverty.

  2. PoseidonEagle1

    1. true
    2. Asia
    3.b. 2,100
    4. b. every 10 seconds
    6. bad economy and enviroment or money problems


    It is so sad and disappointing I really want to do something about it. I really want to raise money to feed people who don’t have the money to be feed that’s a real shame that some people don’t even care.

  4. Klaus-Lucian

    1. True
    2. Africa
    3. 2,100
    4. 3.6 sec.
    5. False
    6. Corruption, regimes that take control of the food supply, and droughts? Also people can’t grow their own food or get a job that provides for their family, because of lack of education? IDK.