July 22, 2011

Selena Gomez in Monte Carlo

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Selena 19-year-old Selena Gomez plays Grace AND Cordelia in the new movie Monte Carlo (rated PG).

Q: This movie is about having your dream come true. Was becoming a teenage idol part of your dream in your life? How was it to play two people in one movie?

Selena: Yes. My dream was to just do what I love, so I guess the outcome has been really surprising and wonderful for me. As far as playing two roles, that was really fun. I was nervous though as all get out. I was really nervous because Cordelia was a totally different character for me. She was completely evil and had to have an accent, so I was a little nervous, but I had a great time.

Q: What was your favorite spot that you visited in Monte Carlo and why?
Selena: We got to stay at the actual hotel that you see in the movie which was really fancy pants.

Q: Could you tell me about the challenges and rewards of working in TV versus film?
Selena: For me I worked on a sitcom, so I had four cameras; we had an audience and my hours were maybe 10 hours a day. And I enjoyed that. It was actually easy and I was very comfortable. On film, we worked like night shoots at like six, worked 14 hour days, but the reward was having to be on this beautiful location and meet awesome people and work with good people. It was fun.

Q: What was your favorite scene in the movie?
Selena: My favorite scene in the movie would maybe be the end where I’m saying goodbye to Leighton [Meester] because our characters go up this huge arc, so it’s really nice to see us bond at the end. And there’s another scene that I like where I’m with Katie [Cassidy] in the bed and we’re kind of talking about our feelings and kind of what we’re going through, and I think it’s really sweet and Katie does a great job.

Q: Could you talk about wearing the gorgeous clothes?
Selena: Well that was all Tom. Tom Bezucha, who directed the film, wanted it to be really beautiful and not very bright, but just uplifting, and he did a very good job with it. Grace’s wardrobe is very Texan and very simple but very pretty. Cordelia’s was very intense. I mean she wore really amazing dresses and jackets and glasses and purses and earrings, and it was really fun to kind of create that whole vibe because she wasn’t the kind of heiress that I thought she was going to be. She was very high-fashion. My personal clothes is just kind of simple and I like comfortable things.

Q: The movie is all about this like once in a lifetime adventure. In your own life, do you have one memorable summer adventure?
Selena: For me, it would probably have to be this movie. I mean I was 17 when I shot the film and I got to live in Budapest for six weeks and go to Paris and Monte Carlo for two weeks and work with Katie and Leighton which was awesome. So for me that whole experience was really life-changing. I learned so much on this film. So I would say that was one of the best summers.

Q: The movie begins with a graduation scene. Could you talk about what your school experience was like, and if you have advice for kids about going back to school in the fall.
Selena: I went to school up until eighth grade, so it was Middle School for me. I was not a very popular kid. I kind of sat in the back. I had like two friends and my cousin was the captain of the cheerleading team, so nobody picked on me because she was the most popular, so she was always very protective of me. My advice though is it’s so hard to not give in to what all of the trends are and what people are saying. So hard to do that, but ultimately I’m so happy being. . . I would much rather be the oddball out than kind of create something of myself that I’m not proud of. I don’t know if that’s advice but I really hope that they stay who they are.

Can you believe that Justin Bieber’s girlfriend was not popular in Middle School??? Think about THAT the next time you get picked on!

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  1. blackbird1514

    Selena Gomez is so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE her songs.Especially Love you like a love song and who says.They are great songs.So does anybody have a favorite? I do well yall already know because i just put it on here.But anyways i love here she is so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. dejah b

    i like selena but i also don’t like that she is dating justin bieber she knows girls are gonna be all around him love him not alot alot but i love hime my bff does too but she loves him alot alot lol