July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Then and Now

HarryPotterMovie As you know, the final Harry Potter movie comes out on Friday, July 15. Of course, I am going to see it, but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 (rated PG-13) will be a bittersweet experience. As the day gets closer, I am thinking more and more over the last ten years of watching these movies, watching my favorite characters grow up and change.

Remember Daniel Radcliffe when he was so tiny?! Isn’t it so strange to see Hogwarts all demolished like that in the final movie?

How do you feel about the Harry Potter movies ending? Leave a Comment.

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  1. MANIAC12345

    i saw it on sunday. it’s amazing how fast it all went by. i was not alive to see it all, but i will never forget the thrill of a new movie coming out, a thrill i will never again get to enjoy. but, there is a tiny bit of hope. Rowling, according to some magazines, might think about writing a new book!!!!

  2. Elayna

    It’s also very special to my big sister, because every year a book came out she was the same age as harry so she grew up reading them ,and watching them

  3. Elayna

    i’m so sad but happy at the same time i’m either going to see it with my sister or my friend, i’m a huge fan

  4. Valentine

    I saw it it totally rocked! I’m really sad everything. Ended so fast I still remember when the first time I read H arry Potter I was so Fascinated by the book and now it’s already the end. :(

  5. SmileMonkey

    The whole cast is sooooo talented, not to mention the even more awesome job of JK Rowling! I loved these books so much it will be sad to see them go! I hope every child in the world is able to read this series!

  6. darkangel43

    i have read the whole series twice. emma watson has short hair now ! there really should be a book about hp’s kids.

  7. ArchiGirl

    I feel sad/ cheerful.
    I wish there was another series called:
    It has the rest of the Potters and Weaslys though.
    I am sooooooooo sad.

  8. happydinosaur3

    harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 was amazing!!!!midnight premiere was awesome!!! so sad to see it all end.

  9. leiaorgana56

    yes… so exicted, i’m gonna go see the movie tonight. i’m sad it’s ending, but i think i heard that they’d make more harry potter movies. nothing that really has to do with the books though.

  10. Lunagal

    I saw it yesturday, and it was amazing! I can’t believe how little they showed of Tonks, one of my favorite characters, though. I mean, you could’ve blinked and missed her! I cried at the 19 years later part. It’s all over now, but it still doesn’t feel real that it has.