June 20, 2011

Writing Prompt: Virtual Yearbook

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Writingprompt_generic Now that the school year is over, and summer vacation is here, today's Writing Prompt is a perfect time to reflect on the school year gone by. (Do I sound like a yearbook editor?!) Maybe you made your first best friend, took a special trip, won an award in school, or made it to the championships with a sports team. Or maybe you had your first crush, got a pet, did volunteer work, or won a hot dog eating contest!

Is there any one thing that happened this year that you will remember for the rest of your life? Or maybe something you are super proud of? Something that made you learn a lot, or cry, or feel on top of the world?

Let us know in the Comments below, and we'll try to collect the most comments we can to create a virtual yearbook. Then you can scroll through, and see what other kids found most memorable from this school year. Let's see how many we can get!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. Katie

    I made lots of friends but when we graduated, I was this close to tears. They played Graduation: Friends Forever-Vitamin C. There were a lot of pictures for Spree Day. We had Tai Kwon Do, Tug of War, and a lot of other stuff.
    In one of my volleyball pics, I was in mid-hit and I looked hilarious. The photographer made CDs of the slideshow and now whenever I watch it, I cry.
    I won’t see anyone from my class besides two of them and I miss the others so much. I cried through the end of school, the whole busride home, to my grandmother’s house and finally calmed down in my cousin’s room. That is called loving your enemies.

  2. surviving antennae3

    I entered my school talent show with my friendand before we even got to the stage, the whole amudience started clapping for us.It was a real surprise because I was new this year.I guess I made more friends then I thought!!

  3. Diamond

    i finnaly got out of elementary school how happy iam to be out i didn’t get a trothy but next year i plann to work on volly ball and being treated different for once and be a regular teen.

  4. topazstorm3

    This year I Made My First holy
    communion. It is unforgettable!!
    I also had my best teacher ever!

  5. Jenna

    6th grade was awesome!!!!!!!!!! the best part was my ski break. i drove up to the resort with one of my best friends and that started it all. one day we were in line for a lift and we were randomly put on it with these two guys from school that we were really good friends with. after that day the four of us skied together and had sooooo much fun!!! when we were done skiing we always went and ice skated and made smores. on our last day there for three us of it started to snow super hard. since we had all checked out of our cabins we ended up staying with the one family that hadn’t left over night. there were many other amazing parts of 6th grade but that was by far the best!!!

  6. Rachel

    i had my first best friend- Skyler.
    and i got a passport to go to the Bahamas -my first cruise- and i had the best year ever mostly because of my new friends, exciting feild trips, my amazing family and my great friends

  7. bluepuma2

    i was at a hawaiian luau dance and my bofriend of the time kissed me on the cheek at the end o and i won highest science average for my class but sixth grade was kinda hard

  8. tricknervous1

    I wanted to say if I made it this far with out doing bad. How do you think I’ll do next year?

  9. Angela

    I made commended performance on ALL of my tests, and acheived all 6 of my AR goals in the most difficult year of school-5th grade…

  10. gerbil duke1

    i got an a+ all school year!!!! i had to go on the gym stage and get an award in front of my WHOLE SCHOOL!

  11. Linda

    i survived the sixth grade, making new friends, having different classes, and just adjusting to the way things go in middle school.

  12. Katya

    Last week my parents and I took a summer vacation to Florida.I earned the chance to be a dolphin trainer for a day at the Dolphin Research Center because I earned all A’s this year. I worked super hard for my goal to be a trainer for a day. It was awesome. The Dolphins I worked with were named Molly, Santini , Louie, Rainbow , Pandora , Tanner and Kibby and Jax. These dolphins were all born at the center or rescued. Jax survived a shark attack and Louie survived the BP oil spill. When I swam with Santini and she pulled me around the lagoon I felt exhilarated.I learned how to whistle train. Now I am using this on my dogs.

  13. dolphinyellow11

    i can’t forget when i did a science project and my lemon i was using had a bug in it i showed my teacher and she yelled hahaha it was funny

  14. magicmagic7

    wow thats so cool many kids in my class includingme are making our year books two.isn’t that funny we have so much in common you should friend request me and we shall talk eather about this or something else like this.

  15. miniartemis

    I won two artistic awards in my school and have made THE BEST FRIENDS EVER!!!!! I also survived sixth grade!! (yay me!)

  16. astronautsnake2

    I made some new best friends, got some awards, played on a soccer team, did some cool art projects, got a new art teacher (I really miss my old art teacher! :( ), got a new principal (also miss the old one!) , went on some field trips, learned A LOT, and had a cool end of the year party with my class! :)