June 20, 2011

Writing Prompt: Virtual Yearbook

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Writingprompt_generic Now that the school year is over, and summer vacation is here, today's Writing Prompt is a perfect time to reflect on the school year gone by. (Do I sound like a yearbook editor?!) Maybe you made your first best friend, took a special trip, won an award in school, or made it to the championships with a sports team. Or maybe you had your first crush, got a pet, did volunteer work, or won a hot dog eating contest!

Is there any one thing that happened this year that you will remember for the rest of your life? Or maybe something you are super proud of? Something that made you learn a lot, or cry, or feel on top of the world?

Let us know in the Comments below, and we'll try to collect the most comments we can to create a virtual yearbook. Then you can scroll through, and see what other kids found most memorable from this school year. Let's see how many we can get!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. pinkbeastly9

    this summer i did alot of things like one thing i go skating with my friends on friday and saturdays ya heard.well gotta go and remember go hard or go home

  2. supersatr

    WELL i survived 4TH grade writing i am the best writer of the schoool i reasived a level(4) i thot i was luky

  3. purplebutterfly215

    This year I went to middle school,got my own locker,& I made a couple of new best friends!

  4. catchingblack26

    I won an award once or twice during the school year and I think I should be in the Hall Of Fame for how much work I did.

  5. authorfiary1

    I graduated from Middle School with all my friends and got High School Credit. I’m planning my future to go to collage and be an author…not to mention a mother some day.

  6. Noelle

    My grade went canoeing, hiking, and other fun stuff! for 3 days. The food there was REALLY good too. I also graduated from elementary school this year.

  7. screamingdomogirl

    There are a couple things I’ll always remember. This year was 5th grade, my last year in elementary school. We had a huge graduating ceremony, and I got 7 awards. Also, I was a patrol this year, and we had a patrol thank you party, for our services. We went to a carnival. It was so much fun!

  8. pinktwinkle

    (this is something i would write 2 my friends)
    WOW! we made it out alive. hey , we lost friends made enemies were in the musical together, almost when insane on our teachers but hey don’t u wish we could do it all again . THAT WAS FUN!!

  9. Annie iPad

    I am home schooled and made that new friend someone in the neiborhood that was also home schooled. Yay me!

  10. dolphincheerful11

    my shool year was a very quick one and this year i actually graduated from elementary school so it was alot of tears about leaving a school that i have been at for six years but also tears over my school being torn down to build something else whitch is sad because it was alot of good people at that school and i will miss that school with all my heart and also this year my step team at school won second place in the compititionbut my cherrleading team won first so that was amazing and i won most creative witch is amazing.

  11. aquaunicorn34

    I also won a spelling bee and went to a high school to compete with other schools. There were 51 people and i won 13th place.

  12. stephanie

    i loved last year i was so proud of my grades. And the best thing was my dream boy likes me. Follow your dreams!!!

  13. haymaze44

    i had my fifth grade grad and all my friends are going to the same middle school which is awesome!
    i went on a camping trip wit half of the fifth grade and it was so fun! :) :P :D

  14. prettygurl09

    Omg my fave year 4 sursies i hav awesome friends a wonderful family and wonderful boyfriend.:) who could ask for more?:)

  15. mememememememe

    i won 3rd place in math olympiad again but last ik won 1st place
    ~~ memememememmemememememememe

  16. SFGIANTSFAN283855

    The Giants won the World Series!!! I also got bullied for the second time. It was NOT fun. I experienced my first year of track I am awesome at the 800 meter dash.
    GO SF GIANTS!!!!