June 28, 2011


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Questionmark_130 Hi Welcome to Trivia Tuesday! A couple weeks I gave you a way too easy word puzzle, so hopefully this one is a little harder. Today's word comes from PegasusPoseidon2. (Thanks for the cool word!) Your challenge is to see how many words you can create using ONLY the following letters:


Here are a few words to get you started.


Write all the other words you can find in the Comments, and challenge yourself to find long words. Anyone who can find a 10-letter word or higher will get a special shout-out from me!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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  1. GamePlayer

    I got numerous small words but some big ones, too, like these:
    01. volcano
    02. microscopic
    03. microscope
    04. sister
    05. sillicon
    06. pneumonia
    07. trauma
    08. cone
    09. scope
    10. prop
    11. crops
    12. silver
    13. picnic
    14. picnics
    15. volcanoes
    16. nucleus
    17. atom
    18. atoms
    19. sisters
    20. tropic
    21. tropics
    22. noun
    23. nouns
    24. licorice
    25. oasis
    26. name
    27. mane
    28. an
    29. man
    30. am
    31. pan
    32. can
    33. ran
    34. tan
    35. van
    36. sin
    37. tin
    38. pop
    39. mint
    40. lint
    41. cover
    42. cove
    43. cave
    44. micro
    45. pat
    46. put
    47. pull
    48. mini
    49. small
    50. mall
    51. stall
    52. stalls
    53. tall
    54. appall
    55. all
    56. sale
    57. sales
    58. ale
    59. ales
    60. ail
    61. pail
    62. nail
    63. mail
    64. tail
    65. sail
    66. catnip

  2. soccerblue47

    billionare billionares volcano volcanoes moon moons soon ultra microscopic cartoon cartoons movie movies move moves soup soups troll trolls mountain mountains cool stroll roll toll picture pictures root roots tolls sent scent scents mirror mirrors arts art start starts part parts cart carts so cop cops pot pots top tops spar spars star stars ill still mat mats sin sins support supports call calls stall stalls simple since trampoline trampolines line lines plead pleads pact pacts volcanic vomit vomits strive strives culprit culprits immense rip rips scream screams trim trims soap soaps opera operas soul souls pill pills scope scopes=100! and i am only 10!

  3. cheerfuldolphin25

    Guess what! I’m back. here it is.

  4. cheerfuldolphin25

    Here’s the scoop. I found pneunomia, That’s nine letters,unconcious,that’s 10 letters, and trampoline, another ten letters. Send me that shout out!