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  1. electricitywhale1

    WHAT?!?! I’m gonna follow that. i’m already on the 7th! And i’m almost done! WOW i’m going on that website whe it comes!

  2. JadeDragon47

    Wonder what exactly it will be. Is it an RP website, a fanfic website, a blog, or just a plain old fan site?

  3. ashi1

    Well,yeah,I’m so excited!I also signes-up,they’re gonna send me an owl(mail)when it opens in case I forget!

  4. ninjadragon99

    This looks so AWESOME!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!! I’m nearly as excited for this as I am the last movie, which I’m overly excited for :D :P

  5. joy

    i am sssoooo excited about pottermore
    i am a HUGE harry potter fan and i know this will be a great experience :)

  6. kensly

    J.K. Rowling I am your biggest fan! I’ve read the books and seen the movies. How do you do it all? It seems hard but you make it possible!:) You rock the party!!!
    Your fan,

    1. Prashant

      I tend to use the Mucus Ad Nauseum spell, but that was only because I honestly didn’t know that there were more powerful spells out there.

  7. harrypotterisbeast

    Er…I didn’t really watch the video, but if it’s about HP – then I’M TOTALLY STOKED!!!!!!!!!!
    From the biggest Harry Potter freak of her era,