June 6, 2011

Create a Caption: Say Cheese!

Createacaption Ugh. . . the dreaded family portrait. The matching outfits, corny poses, fake smiles, and the ongoing phrase, "Are we done yet?" springs to mind.

Could it really be worse than school picture day? Quite possibly. . .

Though it is rare for me to enjoy taking a family photo, my dad and his sisters very much enjoy striking a pose in front of the camera to create an entertaining greeting card for their friends.

This past year was their best card yet. Being that my dad is dentist, he decided to pose as himself along with his youngest sister as the hygienist and his oldest sister as the patient.


Now it's your turn to get creative and fill in the blanks! Write your Captions in the Comments.

NOTE: For safety purposes, all appliances are off.

- Carly M., Stacks Blogger

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  1. fairyfrost34

    Tall blond one: Ha look at this silvery thing!Um, what does it do?
    One with the mask: I dunno.
    Patient: Uh! Uh! Ge me out! Ge me out!
    Tall one: What? I can’t HEAR YOU!! Jamie, close the door!!
    Mask: On it!

  2. werewolfcat5

    Male dentist: Be sure you get your teeth cleaned every day!
    Female dentist: Or you’ll end up like this patient here with a cavity!
    Patient: I wish I hadn’t eaten too much candy…

  3. l and j

    dentist:how mt hair look i want to look good fro the camera !!!
    assistant: great what about me ? do you hear the drill ?
    patient :aaaaaawwwww bla bla helppp

  4. Emily

    I think this is so good. I don’t have good writing characteristics like you do, I really enjoyed reading this…

  5. PurpleArtemis25

    Dentist : Man! Just yesterday I nearly failed the exam! Now look- I’ve already got a job!
    Dentist Helper:Yeah! It’s so great that you showed me a few things this morning!!!
    Patient ( Thought): Oooooh my gosh… this is why it’s so cheap!!!

  6. lauren r

    first doc.:hay there i am just doing some open surgery
    second patient:hello no time for pictures my drool is gushing out my mouth as we speak!!!!!!!!
    third doc.:Say CHEESE!!!!

  7. chocalategirl

    Hygenist: Just keep your mouth open
    Patient: I h-have t-to with this-s thing in my mouth-h
    Dentist:Good point!

  8. angelipod3

    Assistant:Doc how do you work this drill?
    Dentist:I don’t know how, I just got this job.
    Assistant:So did I.
    Patient:GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!