June 6, 2011

Create a Caption: Say Cheese!

Createacaption Ugh. . . the dreaded family portrait. The matching outfits, corny poses, fake smiles, and the ongoing phrase, "Are we done yet?" springs to mind.

Could it really be worse than school picture day? Quite possibly. . .

Though it is rare for me to enjoy taking a family photo, my dad and his sisters very much enjoy striking a pose in front of the camera to create an entertaining greeting card for their friends.

This past year was their best card yet. Being that my dad is dentist, he decided to pose as himself along with his youngest sister as the hygienist and his oldest sister as the patient.


Now it's your turn to get creative and fill in the blanks! Write your Captions in the Comments.

NOTE: For safety purposes, all appliances are off.

- Carly M., Stacks Blogger

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  1. twilightbastion3

    Dentist: Wait… what a picture. Don’t you see we’re busy?!
    Nurse: Who cares! Say cheese!
    Patient: Whaht!
    Nurse: Ok we’re ready!Cheese!
    Dentist: Um… cheese?
    Patient: Helpv! Get ne out of hereth!

  2. ChocoCooCoo

    Dentist: Hi Max! How are you this very fine day?
    Kid: Um my molar hurts.
    Assistant: Ok open your mouth. We’re going to pull it out!

  3. shyfairy6

    Dentist: When will this pic be over so I can get back to torturing my sister!
    Hygienist: It’s all right, he’s not serious . . . . . I think.
    Patient: You know, that isn’t exactly comforting!!!!!!!!!

  4. birdcherries3

    doctor:nurse’ hand me a pair of dark glasses so i cant see anything.
    nurse:okay doctor .
    patient:dark glasses!?!?!

  5. amethystfashion17

    dentist: hygienist come help me
    hygienist:no im smiling for the camera!
    patient: help me!

  6. DragonStorm5

    Patient: Unnnnnggggghhhhh
    Docter:Be prepared…. This is going to hurt a lot
    Helper: I do not envy you the doctor that is doing the highly dangerous surgery on your gums has not even gotten his docters degree from school. So basiclly to make a long story short-this your dentist has no idea what he is doing right now.

  7. emeraldbrownie20

    Dentist: Hey, look, a camera. Smile Assistant. (Assistant smiles)
    Assistant: Wait a seconed.
    Patient: Let’s get this over already.

  8. bluepuma2

    camera person:say cheese!
    patient:hhmm that didnt hurt as much as i thought it would
    dentist:*while smiling* when do you think we shud tell her we pulled the wrong 4 teeth
    hygienist:*while smiling* just as soon as i numb my mouth and leave the room

  9. instastar

    dentist: we are the best in the dentistry. helper: the best smiles ever! patient: well, you’re not helping my smile at all!

  10. legit/awsome/cool

    Dentist:Ooops, turns out I was supposed to pull the other tooth.
    Dentist Helper:If anyone asks, this was your fault!
    Patient: Wa are you alking abou?

  11. chickencapital2

    Dentist:Okay now i will just get my transmitter and we will take all,um,i mean one of those dirty pearly whites out.Assistant please start.
    Assistant: alright u will feel a lot, i mean a little pressure.
    Patient:Hey whats that big pointy thing? why are you….. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Annie iPad

    “ooh… What do we have here?” says the dentist.
    “ugh.” says the patient.
    “ooh.. It’s big one” says the hygienist.
    Haha! That’s awesome!