June 6, 2011

Create a Caption: Say Cheese!

Createacaption Ugh. . . the dreaded family portrait. The matching outfits, corny poses, fake smiles, and the ongoing phrase, "Are we done yet?" springs to mind.

Could it really be worse than school picture day? Quite possibly. . .

Though it is rare for me to enjoy taking a family photo, my dad and his sisters very much enjoy striking a pose in front of the camera to create an entertaining greeting card for their friends.

This past year was their best card yet. Being that my dad is dentist, he decided to pose as himself along with his youngest sister as the hygienist and his oldest sister as the patient.


Now it's your turn to get creative and fill in the blanks! Write your Captions in the Comments.

NOTE: For safety purposes, all appliances are off.

- Carly M., Stacks Blogger

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  1. surviving antennae3

    dentist:almost done,6 more teeth to go.
    patient:what!!!!! you already pulled out 20.
    assisstant:well,your 100 years old,your teeth need to come out.NOW!!!!!

  2. celebratingfog2

    the lady smiling: WOW THIS IS TAKING FOREVER MY FACE HURTS!. The dentist: WOW POOR KID HE HAS LIKE ABOUT 20 CAVITIES!. The patient: ( thinks about how his girlfriend is gonna react to him when she finds out that he has 20 cavities)

  3. aquaunicorn34

    Dentist: SMILE!
    Hygienist: Come on already. Put the tube in your mouth!
    Patient: I have it in my mouth! And I can’t sit up and smile with you guys holding me down!

  4. angelwizard5

    dentist:if you dont stop biting me i’ll pull out your canines!
    dentist helper:i hope we get paid for that action
    patient:are you kidding me??!!

  5. launchingkey3

    patient: Are we done yet???
    dentist helper: no! now say smile!!!
    patient: What, did you just take my picture???
    dentist: Yes and this is soo goin online!!

  6. jazzq99

    Wow…. Why in the world would you smile for a pic while you have a patient right there that you’ve already started working on…..!!!! :P
    Dentist: Well hello there?
    Assistant: Smile!!!!!
    Patient: Wha????? Hello? Are you nuts!! Dude!
    i like this

  7. crushonjustinbieber

    guys wassup?? i am so bored whats evern worse than going to tghe dentist is going to the orthdonitst i have braces and i have to go once a month! another monthly gift lol!

  8. Jonah

    well..I would like to have photoghaph with some of the charcters. maybe some from captin underpants and harry potter and bone and others.

  9. fatninga

    Dentist-Just go ahead and take the picture. I’m trying to poke this sharp thingy around in this guy’s mouth
    Hygenist-Don’t worry, it’ll just hurt a lot!

  10. Ling-Y

    doctor: her face is dry. wait those are my gloves.
    patient: assistant can you stop shoving that thing in my throat?

  11. Bethany

    Recently, my brother went to the dentist, got a $150 bill, then realised his card wouldn’t work and had to get mum to pay! So here goes:
    Dentist: There we are! All fixed up!
    Hygenist: Now don’t chew on that side for a week!
    Dentist: that’ll be 200 bucks please!
    Patient: Uh-oh, I think I forgot my money…

  12. Tori

    Docter:Do think I can pull this patints eye out while I pay no attention? Helper:Do you think I should start spending more than $2.00 on my haircuts? Patint:Do they think I am dead?

  13. pigmagenta1

    dentist: Well HELLO there! Say cheese everybody!
    dentist assistant: Make sure you get my good side!
    patient: like you have one.
    kid with camera: They’re overly optimistic. That is NOT a good sign.

  14. screamingdomogirl

    dentist: Oh, look! It’s Mr. cavity again! What have you come for this time? Just open wide so I can take your teeth out!
    assistant dentist: That’s right! Now open wide so we can pull without numbing… I mean, so we can numb you and get started!
    Patient: I knew a dentist at Wal- Mart was a bad idea!

  15. friendlyalien

    dentist;Oh god!what a big cavity!!
    helper;looks like the tooth has to be pulled out!!
    patient;oh-no!I didn’t expect that!

  16. kittenpuffin3

    I think that in the first bubble should say “hello and welcome to the DENTIST” in the second bubble it should say ” what I thought that it was the toy store” in the third bubble it could say “hahahahahaha you made a mix up”