June 6, 2011

Create a Caption: Say Cheese!

Createacaption Ugh. . . the dreaded family portrait. The matching outfits, corny poses, fake smiles, and the ongoing phrase, "Are we done yet?" springs to mind.

Could it really be worse than school picture day? Quite possibly. . .

Though it is rare for me to enjoy taking a family photo, my dad and his sisters very much enjoy striking a pose in front of the camera to create an entertaining greeting card for their friends.

This past year was their best card yet. Being that my dad is dentist, he decided to pose as himself along with his youngest sister as the hygienist and his oldest sister as the patient.


Now it's your turn to get creative and fill in the blanks! Write your Captions in the Comments.

NOTE: For safety purposes, all appliances are off.

- Carly M., Stacks Blogger

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  1. moneymoneymoney

    dentist: ok lets get those teeth out of his mouth.
    dentist helper: uhhhh what?
    patient: ohhhh no

  2. Amy

    Wow…. Why in the world would you smile for a pic while you have a patient right there that you’ve already started working on…..!!!! :P
    Dentist: Well hello there?
    Assistant: Smile!!!!!
    Patient: Wha????? Hello? Are you nuts!! Dude!

  3. makayla

    Dentist:Hey Sis,remember that prank you pulled on me in 7th grade,the one that made Molly RINGWALD break up with me?
    Sister:Ahaha Yeahhhh that was good…..
    Dentist helper:Hehe so is this!
    Sister:OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I hate you!
    Dentist:MORE? OKAY!
    Dentist helper:Marty I think you went alittle far this time……

  4. Sara

    Dentist: I can’t BREATHE in this mask!
    Assistant: Now don’t I look great in this photo!
    Patient: Okay Doc, you’re poking my eye out! And Assistant, why is that tool on my cheek and not in my mouth……….????

  5. lynxfangs1

    Dentist:Just keep smiling, maybe they will go away
    Assistant:Will do Doc
    Paitent:These people are a bunch of crazies

  6. Bookworm

    Dentist: “Okay, so if we take this tooth out and move it here…how do we do this again?
    Hygienist: “Um…not sure. You’re the dentist anyhow!”
    Patient: What am I getting myself into?!

  7. Mysterygirl123

    1st person: Cheese!
    2nd person: Cheddar!
    person in chair: Are we done yet? I afraid I might get hurt with the giant tool above my FACE!

  8. GNOletsgo1

    Dentist: Open your mouth a little wider!
    Patient: I’m only smiling because of the laughing gas they gave me.
    Hygenist: Nice teeth you have there!

  9. fluffytaco

    Dentist: Take the picture and be done! I have to get back to my patient and tell her she has a cavity- I mean, a nice smile!
    Hygienist: I would have picked popcorn flavor tooth paste, too! I think…
    Patient: This isn’t how I thought the tooth paste would taste… I really should have picked cherry!

  10. cooly 11

    Dentist: This won’t hurt a bit. I think.
    Patient: say what now?
    Hygenist: Okay… Stay still.

  11. stonefairy

    dentist: hi there! How are you doing this fine morning?
    dentist helper: we only have a few little things to do today…
    patient: like what? oh dear…

  12. crushonjustinbieber

    oh lol you write the caption in the comments dentist: so how r u?
    patient: mmtrop
    dentist helper: this is just gonna hurt a lot