May 18, 2011

R.L. Stine’s NEW Hall of Horrors Series

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Claws_130x130 If you love scary books, then you probably know all about Robert Lawrence Stine (a.k.a. R.L. Stine), the author of the Goosebumps and HorrorLand series. You have probably even watched the videos and chatted with people about them on the Message Board.

But have you read Stine’s NEWEST series, Hall of Horrors? In this video, the master of horror himself tells you all about it.

Here are the books in the new series so far:

  • Book 1: Claws
    Mickey and Amanda are put in charge of their vacationing neighbors’ cat, Bella. But Bella escapes from the house and disappears. Amanda has an idea to replace the cat with a look-alike from the local pet store Cat Heaven. They find a cat that looks exactly like Bella, but the clerk won’t sell it to them, so they decide to steal it. Big mistake! These cats are more than they seem to be.
  • Book 2: Night of the Giant Everything
    When 11-year-old Steven Sweeney is tricked into drinking a strange mixture of chemicals by his classmates, things begin to get strange. Either his toothbrush is growing, or he is shrinking! Will he be able to make it through the day and return to his original size?
  • Read about Books 3-6 here.

Are you a fan of R.L. Stine’s books? Let us know in the Comments!

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  1. raci

    R.l. stine is the best storyteller ever!! it’s like every book is full of awesomeness, most greatest books known to man!!!!!! It’s like falling in love with your books. The first time I read one of your books it felt like I was in heaven. When I grow up I want to be just like you. and thankyou for these amazing books. you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. raci

    I’ve got to say, R.l. stine has a lot of good books. he’s like controling me with his greatest most awesomest books ever known to history.

  3. kimmy02

    goosebumps is so awesome! i love it! but where I live there’s like only one bookstore that sells goosebumps book;( so i have to wait for the hall of horrors series to arrive! anyway, i just finish read the haunted school and all i can say is that it keeps me guessing! ha ha i just love it so much! thank you so much Mr.R.L Stine!!