May 3, 2011

Mother’s Day Trivia

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Mothersday130Mother's Day Trivia Quiz

Mother's Day is coming soon. Have you gotten your mom a card yet? Or maybe you do a homemade craft project? Or even splurge your allowance on something special? Do you have any good ideas for gifts? When I was little, I made homemade coupon books with tickets for doing the dishes, making breakfast, or painting my mom's nails!

Well, to get you in the mood for Mother's Day, we've got a Mother's Day Quiz just for you.

  1. What animated TV mom is mother to Bart, Lisa, and Maggie?
  2. How do you say "Happy Mother's Day" in Spanish?
  3. What were the first states in the U.S to celebrate Mother's Day?
  4. What would your husband or wife's mother be to you?
  5. What children's book by P.D. Eastman features a baby bird hatched from an egg? When he can't find his mother he asks a kitten, hen, dog and cow if they are his mother? Hint: It has the word "Mother" in it.
  6. According to Wikipedia, what is the most popular item purchased for a Mother's Day gift?
  7. During which month of the year are the most babies born?

Leave your answers in the Comments, as well as any good ideas for Mother's Day gifts. And check the answers here to see how many you guessed correctly! Help from Mom is optional.

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. enthusiasticdiving10

    1.Marge Simpson
    2.Feliz Dia De Las Madres
    3.West Virginia and Michigan
    4.Mother in Law
    5.Are You My Mother?

  2. kittenblue292

    mothers day is horrible you have to give gifts to your mom last year I forgot to give my mom a gift and my dad was like that’s not fair mother’s day is coming then my mom says well fathers day is coming at June 16th then my dad is like ah thanks for reminding me.

  3. I love unicorns

    1. marge Simpson?
    2. Felix dia de Los madres (I took a Spanish class!!!!)
    3. michagin and west viginia
    4. Your mother in law (or if you don’t like her, monster in law)
    5. are you my mother?
    6. Flowers
    7. August.

  4. miguel

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    from miguel

  5. Angel

    1)Marge Simpson
    2)Dia de los madres
    3)Michigan and West Virginia
    4)Mother in law
    5)”Are You My Mother?”


    1) Marjorie “Marge” Simpson
    2) Feliz día de la madre
    3) Michigan (legend) and West Virginia
    4) Mother in law
    5) Are you my mother
    6) Flowers
    7) August

  7. sydney

    I painted a pot for my mom and put flowers in it. then I made a card and put a lot of money in it.

  8. Uglybookworm

    Answers: 1. Marge Simpson
    2. Día de la Madre
    3. West Virginia and Michigan
    4. Mother-In-Law
    5. Are You My Mother?
    6. Flowers
    7. August
    Good ideas for a Mother’s Day gifts: A homemade card, origami, te bags, dresses or clothes, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, flowers, gift cards, a ticket to the movies, balloons, ear rings, nail polish,homemade paintings, and statues.

  9. puppyangel2

    this is new to this website and i dont know how to chat with friends. can somebody please help me?? oh and i would invite my mum to red lobster or any other restraunt and buy her a desinger purse/handbag. that would be a perfect gift!!! again can somebody PLEASE write me back to tell me how to chat with friends? PLEASE!!!! thanks so much! good luck in finding a mothers day gift!byee!!XOXOXOXO!!!

  10. 32brownies

    1. Marge Simson
    2. madres feliz dias
    3. west virginia
    4. mother in-law
    5. are you my mother
    6. (not wikipedia) jewelery
    7. august july or september

  11. Andrea

    Wow! I don’t know any answer to these questions besides #4 (which is “mother in law”). The bright side is that I’ll be leaning a lot of new things when the answers are revealed.

  12. L

    1.Marge Simpson
    2.Feliz dia de la madre
    3.How are we supposed to know?
    5.I think I read it:”Are you my Mother?”
    6.Flowers? A card?