May 30, 2011

Create a Hogwarts Character

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Harrys_130Skyelark Moon from the Harry Potter Message Board has this awesome assignment for Harry Potter fans.

If you were able to go to Hogwarts, what house would you be in? What classes would you take? Who would your friends be? Create your perfect Hogwarts character here!

This is what my character would be:Hermione

  • Name: Skyelark Moon (Girl) 
  • Year: 3rd year
  • House: Ravenclaw
  • Appearance: She has long, straight blue-black hair and black eyes with purple in them. Tanned skin, and has a dreamy look on her face.
  • Personality: Skyelark is really nice and caring. She always wants other people to have a better time and she accepts everything as it is. Also, she is a problem solver and really smart!
  • Favorite classes: Transfiguration, DADA, Quidditch
  • Patronus: Phoenix
  • Wand: 12 inches, cherry wood with unicorn hair core.
  • Quiddich position (if your character plays quiddich): Skyelark would play as the keeper on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team.

I hope you make a character!

I hope you make a character too. And wouldn’t it be so cool if we were all at Hogwarts??? I would LOVE that! I can’t wait to see your characters! Leave them in the Comments or on the Harry Potter Message Board.

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  1. wolfdragon17

    Name: Bridget
    Year: 1st
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Long, red hair usually with braids. She has lots of freckles and wears glasses. She has piercing blue eyes.
    Personality: Kind usually but sometimes aggressive to defend her friends. She is a wolf Animagus.
    Favorite classes: DADA, Charms, Transfiguration
    Patronus: dragon
    Wand: 12 inches long, holly wood, unicorn hair
    Quidditch: Seeker for Ravenclaw since she is very agile. Uses a Nimbus 2000 broom.

  2. thorposeidon1

    Name:Chloe Black
    Appearance:wavy lustrous black hair, tall but not that tall, striking grey eyes, wears a nice shirt with a vest then a coat and jens and has a grin on face
    Personality:brave, loyal, funny at times, and a tricker
    Favorite classes:transfiguration
    Wand:11 inch pine, phionex feather wand

  3. Lauren

    My 2nd favorite charecter is Ginny Weasly. I have a friend who looks like Ginny and likes Ginny. I am so mad Harry is cheating on Ginny. Harry also kisses Cho Chang. He only kisses Ginny twice and kisses Cho Chang once. I heard Ginny and Harry get married and have 3 kids named James,Albus and Lilly. I also heard Hermione and Ron get married and have 2 kids. I am not sure what there names are? P.S My other friend told me this.

  4. Anonymus

    Name: Athena
    Year: 1st year
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: Really long, silky, curly wavy,and shiny black hair
    Intent, Sparkly, Big, Deep Gray Eyes
    Naturally long lashes
    Very thin
    Long legs
    Has an owl named Diamond
    Personality: Smartest in her year (If she were taking the owls, her score would be strait Os.) Very nice and caring, very well at dueling (can take on a lot of the 7th years, maybe even a few death eaters), black belts in all martial arts, Knows a bit of extraordinary magic she came up with, excellent at making magical inventions, LOVES HOGWARTS, strong,
    Favorite class(es): EVERYTHING
    Patronus: Dragon
    Wand: 11 in. Cherry wood with a phoenix feather core
    Quidditch: Seeker

  5. Lauren

    I love harry potter my favorite charecter is Hermione Granger. I think she is awesome. I am so mad that Lavender Brown kissed Ron in the 6th movie. She doesn’t understand that she is taking Hermione’s boyfriend!

  6. wolfdragon5

    Name: Bridgid
    House: Ravenclaw
    Appearance: short Irish girl with red-brown hair, freckles, and buck teeth. Wears glasses.
    Personality: cleverest girl in Hogwarts, loves to read, kind and helpful but agressive when she needs to be. She is a wolf Animagus.
    Favorite classes: DADA, Transfiguration, charms
    Wand: 12 inches long, dragon heartstring,holly.

  7. w

    Name: Wilson
    Year: 5th year
    House: Griffendor
    Appearance: He has short brown hair in a crew cut. A musclular body, and a deep voice.
    Personality: Wilson is a very tough individual who stuggles in his classes. But his boyish charm allows him to aquire plety of ladies to help him.
    Favorite classes: Potions and Quidditch
    Patronus: Dragon
    Wand: 14 inches bur oak with a unicorn hair core.
    Quiddich position: Wilson would be a beater for griffendor team and is being recruited by the Chuddly Cannons.

  8. mathmystery1

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  9. aquabulldog34

    what is the deal with harry potter what does it mean i dont get it at all about wizzards magic and all that nonsense

  10. pumablue3

    My name would be Skye Penderwick and my house would be Griffindor. I would probably have a 11 inch wand with holly and pheonix hair.

  11. cutie3500

    Okay, I won’t create a character because I don’t have time, but I will say, CONGRATZ, Skylark! You’re on the Ink Splot Blog!

  12. Ley56

    Apperance:Short for age long choppy red hair and determined green eyes always in a robe
    Personality: Nice,king, and shy
    Classes:Quidich and transfigeration
    wand:13 inch dragon heart stirg firm and awsome at transfigeration
    Quidich: Beater(pretty good at it)

  13. aquahamster10

    Name:Lily Three
    Appearance:she has brown hair, pink lips and a pink sparkly dress.
    Personality:odd and funny
    Favorite classes:DADA and quditch
    Wand:10 inch unicorn hair oak wood wand
    Quditch:seeker for Gryffindor team

  14. Bastclimning1

    bast (girl)
    blueish/blackish hairone, really beautiful face brown fun loving eyes
    creative, happy being who she is, not scared to show it, and brave
    cute little kitten
    10 inch maple phoenix blood
    great chaser

  15. amari

    i like what do it really so cool and but sothing not very good so now how they are part where he with the dog