May 23, 2011

Writing Prompt: Graduation Bear

CreateacaptionGraduation Day. Aaah. Memories in the making. As the school year winds down, maybe some of you guys are graduating from middle school, and moving onto high school? Or graduating from elementary school and moving onto middle school? Or in my case, giving myself a pat on the back for just having made it through another crazy year!

Well, as I was walking around my local party store shopping for a birthday card, all the graduation decorations got me thinking. It also gave me an excuse to dress up my favorite bear. What do you suppose he is thinking?

Here's my caption.

Bear: The diploma is nice, but I sure I hope I got some cold, hard cash in those cards!

Give it a shot, and let me know what you imagine he's thinking. Leave your Caption in the Comments below.

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. pigletbird

    “yes!!!! I made it I finished high school I’m going to call the mamma.Yes.Yes.Yes.No.No.No.No.No.No.No.No.No.No.Just make me a pj sandwich. Wait and fluff my pillows love ya……..Did I say that in front of you now I’m gonna get held back in front of mommy.!!!” teddy bear

  2. bearanalyzing151

    Gee, too bad they don’t give out jars of honey for graduating school! Nine years of my life wasted . . .

  3. Allison

    “Yeah!!!! Schools out and time for the after party. Wait, who brought the fish? Can I trade in my diploma for cash? You cant have an after party without fish…”

  4. eliza

    “i wonder how much honey costs….because all the sudden a hat and a roll of paper appered on me and i was reading and it said if you have a hat and a roll of paper on you get lot of money!!!!!

  5. angel

    i will not gradiwait my effored is to sit all day and be bored lol jkjk i still got years to think about that but no more information from me

  6. dizzyferret

    Wow! Thanks for the diploma. So… when do I make my speech…… Wait, why is everybody leaving! Aw man!this is 8th grade all over again!

  7. AstonishingSkater3

    I’m a skater not a thinker.I just push everything to my limits.I’m in middle school and on my way to be a professional skater not a brainy person.

  8. purplebutterfly355

    i am going to grade 4 btw thats such a cute bear and like da graduation hat its sooooo cute XD :) )) ♥

  9. twilightbastion3

    Bear: Yey! I have finally graduated from preschool! Wait.. why isn’t my family here. And who is the person that is taking my picture. Yey! They finally brought snacks!