May 9, 2011

Create a Caption: Kittens!

Createacaption In most ways (I like to think), I am a perfectly normal adult, but oh my goodness, in the presence of kittens I just go crazy! Look at these guys! Are they not adorable???

I think that one on the top is saying “Whoa! Look at all that yarn! Let’s go destroy it!” Either that, or he is practicing his solo for the Metropolitan Cat Opera.

What do you think these cuties are saying? Write YOUR captions in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Flickr photo by Tela Chhe

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  1. BlueJade24

    Top:OMG!Look at that ‘play’ called Cats!We should join!!
    Bottom Left:Ehhhh,Its okay.
    Bottom Right:no,looks boring!Lets go somewhere else!LIKE NYC!

  2. chattypug1 (formerly SoccerBoarder)

    top one is saying ” mabeh if i look like a fish, one will come.’ the others are like ” yah right bro.”

  3. jackblackreading

    I think the top is saying “Eww who cough up the hair ball?”
    The bottom left says “I will battle you to a staring contest”
    And the right one whispers “Help Me!!!” I must admit Im not a cat fan but that pic is hilarious!!!

  4. twilightbastion3

    Top Cat: Whoa, look at the view!
    First Bottom Cat: Wait how did he get up there?
    Second Bottom Cat: Aw, I want to be up there!

  5. EpicInk2

    I think the on on the top is saying, “Oh ma GAWSH, who’s the cute kitty on the Whiskas advert?”

  6. Sam

    The top one is saying “Brainzz,” the left one is saying, “I Like black!”
    The right one is saying, “Too much talking!

  7. yamarys

    dogs and cat need to get along cats are cute well i like dogs allout my older sister dosent likes cats

  8. birdcherries3

    1st kitten: i see a very fat rat over there. i want to chase it.
    2nd kitty:save some of that rat for us!
    3rd kitty:i am practicing opera. here is what i have so far. mi fa so la de do!

  9. chocolatewolf1

    The kitten at te write hand side has a cute and good smieling face isnt that true. Ithink that is true just in the picture and prove me of course you migt say that is not true that he is cute but thats what i wanted to say about tht cute cat. And by the way i forgot to tell you that i think what would bee better in the picture is have three kittens eating there food in abig bowl and show something about the tail like put the tail realaxing which is the tail supposed to be down or akitten that is happy wich the tail should be shown like the tail is standing up or soething like that make the audiencebe happy,impressed about the picyures that is shown you should put the pictures in all the sites that are for pictures and put the cute picture of a kitten online and write the sites of all the paintings.write the sites next to the picture or the paintings. wish the painter all the best.

  10. chocolatewolf1

    i like the pictures that are in front of the screen because the kittens in the picture are so cute like little babyies.And there are actually babies.

  11. prettypink5462

    *sigh* goof-balls. every family has ‘em. i think the top cat is saying: LOOK AT ME! IM GONNA GO DESTROY THE FAMILY PHOTO! either that, or he’s singing the waffle song.