May 9, 2011

Create a Caption: Kittens!

Createacaption In most ways (I like to think), I am a perfectly normal adult, but oh my goodness, in the presence of kittens I just go crazy! Look at these guys! Are they not adorable???

I think that one on the top is saying “Whoa! Look at all that yarn! Let’s go destroy it!” Either that, or he is practicing his solo for the Metropolitan Cat Opera.

What do you think these cuties are saying? Write YOUR captions in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Flickr photo by Tela Chhe

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  1. dogdancing15

    I love the top kitten! I think he’s singing and the other kittens are wondering why he’s singing so they are trying to find some other kittens to listen to him.

  2. energeticdinosaur1

    the one on the left should say AHHHHH a ghost. the middle one should say i am taller then you guys ha ha and the left one should say i hate my life.

  3. gigglydinosaur1

    The one on the left looks pretty funny! It’s eyes are wide open and the one on top is saying ahh look at me I’m the cutest and the funniest love me!!

  4. Ultimite Pecy Jackson fan

    For one, they look look like evil stairs. The top one could be saying (or rather thinking) “I don’t know what it is, but I want to eat it!” The left one is like, “Oh… chocolate cake!” The one on the right is like, “Wow! imagine destruction!”

  5. Uglybookworm

    The top kitten is trying to make a fish face at that goldfish while saying” Come here fishie, fishie, come here. I won’t hurt hurt you.”

  6. dragonflyazule1

    The top one looks like someone slapped him and he is saying how dare you. The bottom left cat looks like it is having a scaring contest against a stuffed animal. And the bottom right looks like it is thinking how am i related to these two. And how did i get stuck in this mess. But they are really cute.