May 9, 2011

Create a Caption: Kittens!

Createacaption In most ways (I like to think), I am a perfectly normal adult, but oh my goodness, in the presence of kittens I just go crazy! Look at these guys! Are they not adorable???

I think that one on the top is saying “Whoa! Look at all that yarn! Let’s go destroy it!” Either that, or he is practicing his solo for the Metropolitan Cat Opera.

What do you think these cuties are saying? Write YOUR captions in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Flickr photo by Tela Chhe

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  1. Yo It's Shrubby

    I ADORE kittens two! ^.^ They are super sweet and kind and gental loving animals. Even through my dog and cat dont get along, i know they would stick up for one another in anyway shape or form. They also have a heart for one another. They are basically stuck with each other but love each other two

  2. awesomeangel101( Friend me!)

    Just like Sonja said: The top kitten looks like he’s practicing for his solo in a kittie Opera show! Love these kind of posts! Keep giving us some!

  3. Pinkgiraffe10tothe5thpower

    The top one probably is sticking out his tongue and saying “Ha ha kitties all over the world! I’m going to be a star!”. While the scared little kittie on the left hand side is more like “I don’t like my picture taken”. And the one on the right hand side is posing normally and saying ” I don’t know them”.

  4. haydenrocks10

    Hey guys! My name is Hayden and I LOVE reading! It is my Favorite Hobby! I love it! Please send me a shoutout!

  5. 44maplesyrup

    the top one is saying”aaaaaah!!!why is she pointing that little box at us??she’s trying to kill us all!” and the 2 others are squinting suspiciosly at the camera.

  6. ashi1

    Oh man,tey are the cutest things on EARTH!!!I think the third one is wondering if the camera would taste good or not!lolz!
    I totally love these kind of posts!

  7. stonefairy

    I think they’re watching a slightly rude-humorish show on TV, and the top one is saying, “HAHAHA that’s soooo funny!” and they grey one on the bottom is like, “Whoa–I’ve never seen that before!” and the striped one is saying, “Eh. I’ve seen that way too many times.”

  8. owlgirl

    I think the one on the top just ate a lemon. The one on the left is having a staring contest, and the one on the right is saying “These guys are impossible.”

  9. emeraldcrown1

    I love those kittens! They are so cute! The kitten at the bottom left corner looks just like one of my cats!