April 6, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: The 39 Clues Medusa Plot

SneakPeek The 39 Clues Book 11, Vespers Rising is out in bookstores now, so it's already a great week, but there's more! We also have for you a SNEAK PEEK of the next 39 Clues book:

The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers Book 1: The Medusa Plot by Gordon Korman Medusa  

After the mysterious Vespers kidnap Cahills around the globe, they order Amy and Dan to steal a priceless painting in exchange for the hostages. The siblings rush to Italy to execute a heist that rivals the most famous art thefts in history. There's just one problem — the painting they steal is a fake. With the clock ticking, Amy and Dan have to track down the real painting before one of Cahill hostages pays the ultimate price. But Dan and Amy can't stop the Vespers alone.

Read the Prologue.

Nice, huh? Leave a Comment telling us what you think of the new book so far.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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  1. Shannon L

    I have books 1-11 and all the card packs. Can’t wait to get the first book in this series!!!!!!! Can’t get enough of this series. Can’t wait for the movie!!!

  2. comment 26

    yes I did not know that it was already out! Read the prolougue on the top of the page. It features Puerto Rico, where I originally come from. A little island in the atlantic.

  3. redhorse20

    LOL, I like how on the cover, Medusa’s eyes are covered by the logo. Did anyone else notice that? The book sounds interesting! Can’t wait to read it!
    (P.s. don’t look into Medusa’s eyes! LOL ;-) )

  4. JadeDragon49

    @Martin Yeah, there’s going to be a movie, but it’s going really slow. I thought that Steven Spielberg (fellow Janus, YEAH!) was going to direct it, but now I’m not so sure. Anyway, SO PSHYCHED (did I spell that right?) FOR MEDUSA PLOT! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!

  5. Martin

    I think this new book will be great because the other 11 were. I read all of the books so far and cant wait til this 1 comes out. i wonder how many books will be in the series? guess ill just have to wait. amy and dan will probaly be kick “butt” in the book too. and does any1 know about if they will ever make a movie for these books? kbye

  6. Annie iPad

    I can’t wait!!!!! So excited! I call dibbs on the first copy of “The Medusa Plot” by Gordon Korman!!!!!

  7. I love unicorns

    I have a reply to d. Well, remember how close Amy and dans parents came to winnign the 39 clues? Isabel wanted the poem that could possibly win the hunt. She didn’t want them to die, she wanted them hand over the clues and poem. Thats why.

  8. 39clues fan

    when does it come out. i have to get it or i will go insain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. margie madrigal

    OMG!!!!!!i cant believe that the first book for vespers rising is coming out in august.(it would be a dream come true if it will come out earlier!!!)YYYYYAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! WOOHOO! I AM SO TOTALLY FREAKED RIGHT NOW!!!.this is just so awesome…..Ill even buy the movie even if it stinks(no offense though…..)cause isnt that what happens when you turn a book into a movie…?anyways so psyched up and cant wait for the book to come out!