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  1. james

    Hi my name is James and i love the diary of wimpy kid books and i got all of them exepet the new one i can’t wait until i read it.say that james says hi bye!

  2. Toxic_Panda

    i think the books are awesome but i hope they would be more movies than one more the whole series please

  3. Tiffany

    The movie is a terrific comedy. Really. And the books-they rock!
    I hope there will be more and more Wimpy Kid movies and books coming up.XD

  4. rachael

    it’s okaaaaayy… but i actually like it, but my parents didn’t like it. they thought it was not so interesting, but i did:)

  5. nephthysmad1

    this rocks i love reading diary of wimpy kid its the only book that i like to read !:) cant wait for more books

  6. Laney

    I saw the movie in theaters, it was one of the most awesome movies in the world!:)I really suggest it for others to watch for plenty of laughs an enjoyment!

  7. dolphincheerful11

    i cannot wiat until the next diary of a wimpy kid book comes out and i cannot wiat until the next movie comes out i have read all the books and have seen all the movies.the where awesome

  8. CalmFire4

    i cant wait till the next few books come out. I love the diary of a wimpy kid books. And both movies are so good. For all those girls like me check out the tales of the not so popular party girl . Im not sure if thats the name but its like girl diary of a wimpy kid and it pretty funny.