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  1. crawlingzombie1

    is there going to be another book after Diary Of A Wimpy Kid; The Ugly Truth?!?
    Because i hope there is :D

    1. Anna

      well ,first of all u r trying to make every track of the song as best as u can , and psiolh it and make it sound better .. then u start mixing as u EQ every track to take its place on the mix .. is that right ?in arabic songs if u have ever heard one of them when u hear a classical guitar solo u will feel like its so attached with the background harmony , they are acting like if they were one thing , idk how to explaing it plz hear the intro : can u plzzz explain what’s going on ? i mean how he mixed it ? it doesn’t sound like pop songs like maroon 5 and taylor swift i think it was mixed with a different approach ? need ur reply badly .. thank u very much Graham .. without ur help and videos i wouldn’t have been able to understand music

  2. firestar28

    I watched the movies and read the books.They are really good.My favorite wimpy kid book is the last straw.

  3. giraffefreak12

    I really enjoyed the wimpy kid series! Cant wait till the next book comes out!(:

  4. 44maplesyrup

    that’s awesome!! diary of a wimpy kid is HILARIOUS!!! can’t wait to see the 2nd movie,the trailer looks cool!