April 19, 2011

Dear Dumb Diary Scavenger Hunt

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Ddd_130 If you can't get enough of the hilarious, embarrassing, relatable (and sometimes mean) diaries of Jamie Kelly. . . then you should see her website! The first time I read a Dear Dumb Diary book I really couldn't put it down. From her warning not to continue reading, to her descriptions of the evil beautifully blonde Angeline, to her recounts of her dog passionately kissing his favorite toy Grossnasty – this is one of the most popular and lol-inducing series around. So if you aren't already familiar with it, scavenge around the Dear Dumb Diary site for the answers to this week's Scavenger Hunt. Begin!

  1. How many dumb diaries does Jamie Kelly have so far?
  2. Name the person who is NOT allowed to read Jamie's diaries.
  3. What is Jamie's popularity level on a scale of 1-10? (that she gives herself!) Hint: Check out the "It's All About Me" section.
  4. According to Stinker's Collectible Card, what disease did the dog have?
  5. Under "Dumb Fun" create your own diary entry! What is your nickname?
  6. According to The Author section when he interviews Jamie, what is her favorite lipgloss flavor?
  7. In the "It's All About Me" section when you click on the So Who is This Guy? icon. . . who is that guy? 

Check back next week for answers!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. racoondetecting1

    1.11 books(12 in 3-4 weeks)
    2.Anyone and everyone
    3.7(under Hudson)
    4.frantic itchy butt disease
    6.triple berry fiesta
    7.Jim Benton
    i love these books i have read every single one i look forward to the next.

  2. joyfulcloudburst1

    1.11 books 2.Angeline 3.7 4.Frantic itchy Butt Disease 5.posola girl 6.triple berry fiesta 7.Jim Benton

  3. wordsnecklace2

    I love books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Once I read a chapterbook that had 200 pages and I’m only in third grade!!!!!!!!

  4. cakebulldog1

    These books are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!

  5. ciara

    at my school the school
    is having a book fair
    & i want to tell you what i
    love & i just love book fairs because i love reading i cant wait to go i’m asking my dad for 40$
    dollars!!!!!!!! oh & i’m 9 years old I LOVE BOOKS!!!!!!