April 15, 2011

AnnaSophia Robb in Soul Surfer

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Many of you have heard the true story of Bethany Hamilton. She was a teen surfer from Hawaii who had her arm bitten off in a shark attack in 2003. Against all odds, she returned to the water to surf again. And now you can see the movie chronicling her experience, Soul Surfer (rated PG) in theaters.

It stars AnnaSophia Robb (from Race to Witch Mountain, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Bridge to Terabithia) as Bethany Hamilton. AnnaSophia worked with Bethany and became friends with her doing the movie, and you can tell on screen. I recently saw the movie at a media screening, and thought it was amazing. But warning: it’s a tear jerker. I had to hold back tears several times, and judging from the sound of sniffles in the theater, so did my fellow movie reviewers (and these were adults by the way!).

Basically, the movie starts with Bethany as a kid, surfing in Hawaii. Born to famous surfing parents, she won her first surfing competition at age 8. She surfed with her best friend Alana, and they got sponsored by major surfing companies. On Halloween morning 2003, while they were surfing, a 14-foot tiger shark bit off her left arm. I swear I jumped a foot in my seat during this scene! I wasn’t expecting it at that point.

After undergoing many surgeries, and refusing a prosthetic arm, Bethany returned to surfing. Her whole struggle was gut wrenching. Her faith in God helped her a lot. In the movie, her youth group leader (played by Carrie Underwood) took her to Thailand to help the victims of a tsunami. This opened her eyes to others’ suffering, and eventually led her to leadership roles helping others. Not to mention, she also went on to win a 2007 National Surfing Championship, and turned pro!

On my way out of the movie, I was chatting with a New York City newspaper reporter, who was also reviewing the movie. She said she thought the acting was a bit melodramatic and overdone. I was like, “But the girl just got her arm bitten off by a shark!” Honestly, I forgave the drama in the movie. I thought it was really an amazing story, and the movie did it justice. I had known about the story from the news, but the movie really put a cool spin on it. It was very uplifting.

What do you guys think? Have you seen Soul Surfer or read the book? Drop a line in the Comments!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. ashley

    i saw it and i hav to say it wuz the best movie i hav evr seen. it wuz so tuching and it wuz inspiring to people who are shy and scared to follow their dreams…and if there is one thing i learned from this movie it wud be: IMPOSSIBLE IS IMPOSSIBLE IF U HAVE FAITH, TRUST, LOVE AND SUPPORT…

  2. lobsters4lunch

    I like the book, it was so awesome and I want to watch the movie!!! If you watched the movie and you cried a lot I promise that the book will make you do the same, it was so sad at some points. I really look up to Bethany and so does my brother, who loves surfing. I want to watch the movie BADLY!!!

  3. BrookeAnne

    I saw that movie! It was really awesome! She is my hero! It’s just so amazing, the bravery out there! I love her!That is really cool! If you haven’t seen it yet, you should try your hardest to see it soon!!!!:)

  4. pegasusathena1

    I saw Soul Surfer. She did a great job. The movie did a good job telling the story of Bethany. I have read her biography too.

  5. Linda

    This movie shows that anyone who follows their dream and sticks to it through it all, they will achieve.So I say, believe in yourself and never lose faith

  6. silllymonkeys

    I saw this movie when it first came out last week. My review of the movie is that it is AMAZING. It is really inspirational, so I say go see this movie if the opportunity comes.

  7. SkullGoth99

    i’m gonna try seeing this movie with my mom in a couple of days. i didn’t really know what this movie was about till i read this. thankx a lot!

  8. YellowWave6

    That movie looks really good! Don’t you think so? I hope I can see it soon. I’d love to read the book, too. I’ll see if I can find the book at a library.

  9. SnailSport

    Ive seen the movie, Soul Surfer and im being honest: It is an exellent movie, it is also sad and scary but very amazing at the same time. To sum the movie up with one word i would say emotional. :D

  10. jess

    Thats so sad i feel very sorry for her i mean WOWIE just thinking about getting ur arm getting bitten off in a shark attack makes u wanna cry imagine it being a family member huh just wonder how her parents felt ……………awww

  11. jaelyn

    i loved soul surfer! i love how stong and powerful you were. the real girls story was sad i almost cried! yor are a such a good actor!

  12. samantha

    so, it looks good but kinda creepy. the girl is inspiring but im not really a surfing person. anyways, it’s probably still good.