March 21, 2011

Freaky Friday Character Switcheroo

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Switching_places_130Freaky Friday Writing Prompt

You know how in Freaky Friday, the mother and daughter switch places and have to spend a whole day living in the other person's body? Well, imagine if that happened to your favorite book characters. Which mother/daughter or father/son character combo would you switch?

I would want Hermione and her mother to switch places for a day. Imagine if Hermione's muggle mother were in Hogwarts! She would be so confused, but she would still look like Hermione so everyone would wonder why she couldn't do all the spells! And Hermione would probably be a really good dentist, but she wouldn't be able to use magic so she would be so frustrated! Imagine the hilarity.

Now it's your turn. Leave a Comment telling us about your character switcheroo.

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  1. finn/jeremy shada lover!

    I would want Raven and her dad Trigon from Teen Titans Go! to switch bodies that would be funny. The evil one good and the good one evil! LOL :)