March 21, 2011

Freaky Friday Character Switcheroo

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Switching_places_130Freaky Friday Writing Prompt

You know how in Freaky Friday, the mother and daughter switch places and have to spend a whole day living in the other person's body? Well, imagine if that happened to your favorite book characters. Which mother/daughter or father/son character combo would you switch?

I would want Hermione and her mother to switch places for a day. Imagine if Hermione's muggle mother were in Hogwarts! She would be so confused, but she would still look like Hermione so everyone would wonder why she couldn't do all the spells! And Hermione would probably be a really good dentist, but she wouldn't be able to use magic so she would be so frustrated! Imagine the hilarity.

Now it's your turn. Leave a Comment telling us about your character switcheroo.

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  1. funkysarah0223

    i think it would be a crazy thing i would want to know unlike freaky friday the movie lol thanks send me friend request please funkysarah0223 bye

  2. Katie

    I think it would be weird if Voldemort and Harry switched places.
    Harry would have to be evil and Voldemort would go after himself in Harry’s body.

  3. BirdCat13

    hi, I’m new, but I would switch Tom and Jake from Animorphs. I know they’re brothers, but still…

  4. annabellers

    Joggathon–I LOVE THE PERCY JACKSON BOOKS!!I would want Annabeth and her mom to switch, and I would want to see how Athena in Annabeth’s body would react to Percy’s friendship with her.and btw i have the freaky friday DVD and it ROCKS!

  5. Sydney

    I think it would be cool if Harry and his cousin switched places. I dont know if that really fits into one of those catogerys but it would be cool.

  6. springbody56

    your a really good journalist have you ever thought of having that as your career and your blog was awsome hope you right more

  7. Nerd-alicious

    I would switch Hermione with Ron because it would be………….. interesting. Ron always fails spells and would suddenly get good grades and Hermione would suddenly be failing. That would be kinda weird. Differently weird.

  8. Dramaqueen123

    I think it would be so annoying to Addie if she and Jenny switched bodies ( from how I survived middle school, Can you get an F in lunch?) I mean Addie is soooo horrible!!!!!

  9. High_tide

    I think it would be cool if harry was in his mother head the night that she deid to now how it all happened.

  10. cheetahdancer

    I would switch Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson to see how different they are. It would be kinda funny if they reacted TOTALLY different to each situation they faced and everyone would be like “What happened to Percy and Annabeth???”. That would be so weird, but cool.

  11. fatmanatee402

    i think that Phillip Ransford III should switch with his mom so he would learn that there is an afterlife and the mom can livee again.

  12. mintchocolatechip100

    Natalie Kabra switching with her mom, Isabel would be funny. It’d be weird for Natalie ’cause she has this soft side and everyone’s expecting her to sentence someone to death, but for Isabel… basically, a lot of people would die.
    It would also be hilarious if Ron and Arthur Weasley swapped places. Arthur would be stuck back at Hogwarts and Ron would be working at the Ministry of Magic! That actually could happen in the books if they happened to get their hands on some Polyjuice Potion…