March 21, 2011

Freaky Friday Character Switcheroo

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Switching_places_130Freaky Friday Writing Prompt

You know how in Freaky Friday, the mother and daughter switch places and have to spend a whole day living in the other person's body? Well, imagine if that happened to your favorite book characters. Which mother/daughter or father/son character combo would you switch?

I would want Hermione and her mother to switch places for a day. Imagine if Hermione's muggle mother were in Hogwarts! She would be so confused, but she would still look like Hermione so everyone would wonder why she couldn't do all the spells! And Hermione would probably be a really good dentist, but she wouldn't be able to use magic so she would be so frustrated! Imagine the hilarity.

Now it's your turn. Leave a Comment telling us about your character switcheroo.

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  1. appleblossom123

    i would switch catnis (hunger games) with her mom cause that would be funny. mom would have to like be in the games and go on the tour and would totally freak. that actually would end badly………..
    but catnis would have to take care of prim and cook and clean. mom would try to clean up the alredy self cleaning capitol.

  2. lillian336

    i think if you wached the movie you again it would be the enemeys that would be cool could a boy and a girl mix hey cool idea

  3. joggathon

    if i switched with somebody their body (if i was in someboy elses body) i would freak out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. spygirl248

    maybe harry potter and his father
    then harry will an famous wizard
    and his father will be back in hogwarts doing spells he already knows and maybe even doing better than hermione!

  5. lordofawesomeness

    You know would be super funny??? If batman and Blue clue’s Steve and blue switched!
    This is what would happen:
    “Let’s sing our ABC’s!” Steve’s says in batman’s body
    “Are you okay, batboy?” Joker said very confused.
    back at Steve’s house:
    “Let’s find blue’s clues!” said pepper.
    “Let’s not…” says batman in steves body.
    “AWWW your not fun.” said pepper.
    “Yeah this the funest i can GET!”

  6. Alexis

    I think Olivia Walter (Main Street) and her mother should switch. Olivia would work at Sincerly Yours and her mother would be back in school.

  7. April404

    i agree with 44maplesypup but it would also be cool if Athena and annabeth or Ian and Dan switched bodies. i know Dan and Ian aren’t really father and son or mother and daughter but i still think it would be cool.

  8. owlgirl

    I think it would be cool if any demigods switched with their parents. I think it would be a good experience for the god to feel what it’s like to be a demigod, and vice versa.

  9. cuddly kitten

    Hey i would like to be a girl in my school who is soooooo popular and always gets the guys and is really pretty and smart and has the coolest parties and friends and even stuff like pens and the awsomest locker. THAT WOULD ROCK!!!!! but sadly i am me but id rather be her at lest for a day!

  10. Ana17

    I would switch MIa Thermopolis and her mom. Imagine Mia being her mom. Mia’s mom would have to be a teenager again and deal with Lana everyday.

  11. keke2011

    i think it will be so carzy for some to have my body but will u have ur card some money and a car if i have so to change my body with my mom i will be work at 3.00am to 5.00pm than i have to cook food for my family that to much work…..that why i think if me and my mother change body

  12. 44maplesyrup

    I would switch percy jackson and poseidon.It would be awesome for percy to be the sea god for a day and for poseidon to experiance what it’s like to be a half blood. That’d be really cool!