March 28, 2011

April Fools’ Pranks

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Rainbow_pen April 1 is quickly approaching, a.k.a. April Fools' Day, the day when you have to watch out for all the tricks people will try to catch you with. Well, here are some ideas for tricks of your own.

The Greg Heffley! Add salt to a water bottle and offer your best friend a drink. (This is a prank that Wimpy Kid actor, Zach Gordon, tried on the set of the movie, but it backfired! Read the true story.)

The Rodrick! Replace the delicious white oreo filling with toothpaste, and offer them to your best friend. (Another true story! Zach Gordon fell for this one when Rodrick actor, Devon Bostick offered it to him on the set while they were filming the movie.)

Moldy Milk! Put green food coloring in the milk to make it look like it's moldy.

Wacky Wake Up! Take your sibling’s alarm clock, set for 2am. Then hide it somewhere in the room so she will have to search for it when it goes off in the middle of the night.

Cereal Switch! Take the inner plastic bags of cereal out of their boxes and switch them around into the wrong cereal boxes.

Epic Fail! Come home from school and pretend to be really upset because you failed a test. Let your parents freak out for a while before you say, "April Fools!"

Are you planning any hilarious pranks on your family and friends on April 1? We'd love to hear them! Leave your prank ideas in the Comments.

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  1. platinumpaw32

    The fortune cookies that my family get have the paper slip out, and I unwrap them and put them in jars, so I took the 15 fortune cookies in the jar, and I replaced the fortune cookies’ fortunes with ‘HELP I’M BEING HELD CAPTIVE IN A FORTUNE COOKIE FACTORY’

  2. Amelia

    Another prank you could do is,if you have a sink with one of those spray hoses you could put a rubber band on the push butten and when somone tries to turn on the water they will get so wet!!!

  3. chattygirl13

    My teacher asked if we wanted brownies and when we said yes she pulled out Es made out of brown construction paper. After that sunk in she gave us real brownies.

  4. darkblue300

    My favorite one was the photographer at our school posted online. It said that our school mascot was being changed! So many people believed it was real and called the school board.

  5. Molly :)

    what i did was i took my moms water bottle added suger AND salt i just have to wait until my mom comes home and takes a drink ;)

  6. Jeremiel

    Thomas the train: to pull this off you will need 1 thomas costume something that will make rattling noise to start off put the thing that makes rattling noise in the front of
    the train costume next put on the costume and third walk outside pranking everybody in town

  7. Jeremiel

    The annoying Orange: Dress up as him and then just walk around in the suit while annoying / pranking the people

  8. werewolfcat5

    Somewhere in 2009,I think,my cousin invited me to an amusement park and I won a fake stuffed snake and last year for April Fools I put the snake on my best friend’s coat hood when she wasn’t looking and then I said,”Brittni! There’s a snake on you!” And when she saw it,she screamed.Then I said,”April Fools!” (That was on the bus)