March 29, 2011

Allie Finkle Scavenger Hunt

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Alliefinklemovingday_130 Attention Allie Finkle fans! How well do you know Allie? Your mission: A Scavenger Hunt for the answers to these questions. (All the answers can be found on the Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls website.)

Should you choose to accept: see your Username posted with your answers in the Comments. Results: Worldwide fame. Ok, maybe not. . . but the whole STACKS universe will see how much you know about Allie! And. . .begin!

  1. In which book does Allie have to confront her ex-best friend Mary Kay?
  2. In the Meg Cabot Sleepover Webcast what happened to author Meg Cabot in fourth grade? What did another girl threaten to do?
  3. Also in the Webcast Video, what animal did Meg Cabot always want to have?
  4. Take the Pet Personality Quiz. What’s your ideal pet?
  5. What game involves lining up three or more cupcakes?
  6. Which royal series did Meg Cabot write before she penned Allie Finkle? Hint: It was made into 2 hit movies.

So scavenge around, and let us know your answers in the Comments. Then check back next week for answers!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. maroonpurple7

    (1)blast from the past
    (2)A girl threatened to beat her up every day but she never did.
    3.a kitten
    4.Always be grateful for brothers and sisters although you may fight a lot they are family.” 6.Cupcake Switcheroo.
    7.The Princess Diaries.

  2. Nicolee♥

    1. I think it was Blast From The Past.
    2. Idkk.
    4…I dunno.
    5.What’s an ideal? O_O
    6.Cupcake Switcheroo.
    7. Princess Diaries, duhh!
    I don’t know the rest. Peace! ^_^

  3. Christabel

    1. book 6 blast from the past.
    2. A girl Treathened to beat her up but never did.
    3. A kitten.
    4. Always be grateful for brothers and sisters even though you might fight a lot they’re still family.
    5. A cat and dog.
    6. cupcake switcheroo yummy.
    7. The princess diaries genius.