February 7, 2011

Writing Prompt: A Doorway Leading to. . .

Rainbow_pen Recently, a couple of my friends went on vacation, and apparently encountered a magical portal to another world during their trip! At least, that’s what it looked like to me when they showed me this photo after their return:

As soon as I saw this pic, I envisioned a character pulling the door open to discover a whole new realm beyond. This road looks like it could be next to a castle, a row of country homes, farms, a deserted town, crazy upside-down houses, anything!

What do you think? What’s at the end of that road? What’s behind the hedge? Where do you imagine the doorway leads? Write your ideas in the Comments below!

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

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  1. werewolfcat5

    I think the doorway leads to an animal park,like where people can actually touch wildlife animals and feed them.

  2. darkpurple25

    There is empty space beyond the door. If you step through the doorway you will be sucked away into nothingness, existing but not existing, being but not being for the rest of eternity, and your body and mind and soul will be locked in endless torture, and you will become a ghostly shell of a thing, a thing left to die at the hands of absolutely nothing.

  3. dizzyferret

    Theo ran, and ran, and ran. The fight that she had just had with her dad was the worst ever. she stopped suddenly. She had been running blindly and she had come to a dead end , or so she thought. A shaft of light suddenly illuminated a small door knob almost impossible to see. On an impulse she turned it and pushed the door open, then she started to walk. Little did she know that behind that door was home. Her home.

  4. Patricia

    I think it’s a portal to Illieth. Illieth id the original ome of the supposed elves, who are actually a technologically advanced race of humaniod aliens with pointed ears (like Vulcans!Yes, I’m a Trekkie; deal with it.)

  5. beastlysaga1

    Behind that old rotting door, there is a magical world full of opposites! The sky is below and the land is on top once you pass through the thresh hold. You must jump from cloud to cloud, and the sun is the King’s castle. You go to him leaping and finally, get to the village. But the village is so wonderful, you never want to leave! All their food is so magnificent you use every last penny in your pockets and stuff yourself with sweets. It’s dusk now. The towns people are closing up shop and bolting their doors, shutting their windows, but weirdest of all for a town so free of crime, they leave out dead animals, like sacrifices. Night falls and the King’s castle is no longer seen. But the moon belongs to an evil King. He is the King of Evil, of suffering, and pain. I’ve started the story, Now you finish it.

  6. maddy2002

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  7. maddy2002

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    From maddy2002