February 7, 2011

Writing Prompt: A Doorway Leading to. . .

Rainbow_pen Recently, a couple of my friends went on vacation, and apparently encountered a magical portal to another world during their trip! At least, that’s what it looked like to me when they showed me this photo after their return:

As soon as I saw this pic, I envisioned a character pulling the door open to discover a whole new realm beyond. This road looks like it could be next to a castle, a row of country homes, farms, a deserted town, crazy upside-down houses, anything!

What do you think? What’s at the end of that road? What’s behind the hedge? Where do you imagine the doorway leads? Write your ideas in the Comments below!

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

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  1. jaime456

    The road at the end of the doorway leads to anything that you could possibly imagine. The leaves on the other hand, lead to your worst nightmare. This is a good example of peer pressure. The only way to stay on the road, is to do what your heart tells you to, but you can easily get led off of the road, causing you to lose your one chance at eternal joy and happiness. This road is a once in a lifetime opportunity to find your true spirit and integrity. The leaves look as though a waterfall or something of that nature is lying beyond, when really, it is a dark forest, filled with your nightmares, and with no way out. If you are to ever go into the forest, you would become immortal, but only to live for eternity in your fears and dangers. This is the only way to find how you react to the temptations that you find when you are around people and not listening to yourself.

  2. mariah

    the doorway leads to an incredible world with rainbows and unicorns hahahahahahahahahahah we alll float down here and down herre we eat butterflies and POOP out rainbows wooooooooooohooooooooo u know u want to join lol!!!!!

  3. owlgirl

    Once you step through the doorway you are pulled into a different dimension where all time is mixed together. Clocks, watches, and anything else that keeps time you must give up. There are all sorts of people trapped there, all who have stepped through the door. They have started a civilization, and soon all thoughts of leaving disappear.Every day there is the same, and soon it becomes that you can’t live any other way. There is only one way to get out, for those who are clever enough. You must start longing for the door to open, to go back to your time. You must remember all you have lost, and long for it day and night. Then the door will see you have a strong mind, and you will be returned to your time, as if you have never left.

  4. Gintore

    It would be a portal to the center of all imagination. Like a large round room with doors around, each leading to another magical world (such as wonderland or narnia). It would be lit by crystal chandeleirs and had gleaming silver walls. Sorry about all the description, it’s just my imagination running away with me. HE HE HE HE!

  5. snow dove

    i think the door leads to a magical kingdom,with fairies,princesses,and elfs!i think a castle is at the end of the road,and a magical forest behind the edge.i love to imagine that i am a princess even though i am 10 years old ,and in fith grade!weird right?

  6. love15

    I think there is an valentine world filled with hearts,kids laughing,heart soda machines,me and my boyfriend,my friends,houses,schools,tall bulidings everything but it is pink and red! Thanks for showing the photo karen! your AWESOME

  7. soccergirllol

    i think it leads to a beutiful rainforest!! it has all different types of beutiful trees and animals. and u could go up to an animal and pet it!!!

  8. Puppypops

    The path is long and winding.It almost seemes never ending when we suddenly see something.A dummy?Yeah.Only it is a living dummy.Hi I am Slappy and you are my slave it says.
    Bad luck!but it isnt our mistake.We didnt even say the magic words that bring a dummy to life!!

  9. 51dotfeg

    A doorway leading to a courtyard in an ancient castle in Gondar, Ethiopia.
    I have seen the picture before and this was the quotation about the photo.