February 17, 2011

Justin Bieber Purple Carpet Exclusive

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JustinHow loud would you scream if you found out that you were going to the premiere of the new Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never (rated G), AND you were going to interview Justin Bieber on the Purple Carpet? When Scholastic Kid Reporter Cassandra Hsiao found out she got that assignment, she “screamed out loud and jumped with joy, turning the whole house upside down.”

Watch her exclusive video from the Purple Carpet!

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  1. Danielle

    If Justin Bieber came to my house right now I would definetly faint. I love Justin Bieber SO much. I saw the movie with my BFF. I HEART JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!

  2. selsela

    i luv u j.b u rox if u read this i have ur poster beside my bed.luv u j.b
    NEVER SAY NEVER j.b. ur soooooooooooo cuttttttttttte.1111111111111fan

  3. selsela

    i didn’t used to be a fan of j.b. i know.but when i saw his movie now im his biggest fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!i love justin bieber never say never j.b u rock j.j. roxs #1111111111 fannnnnnnnnnnnnnn########11111111111111111111111fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  4. spring cleaning

    i love u justin!!! i cant wait 2 c ur movie!!!
    (i thing im coming down with BIEBER FEVER!!! :^) )

  5. starchick45

    justin bieber is my idol i really idmorer him i really want to do a duet with him even though im 12 and his 16i hope he see this comment i really admirer him

  6. Kimchikid

    There’s this girl I know that wants to marry JB, but when I say it’s impossible she says “never say never” >:(

  7. pokemon231

    I am a boy And I love JB! i know this song:baby duh…Justin you are the best! If I see you can you I have a autograph?
    from the pokemon231™ LOL! i don’t really own a factory Justin it’s just a joke! My real name is:************! it’s a joke again! i’m not going to tell my name bye justin I amyour number 1# fan!

  8. luv867

    i get it he has a lot of fans but im not one of them….ohhhh and ppl even Robert Pattinsin is cuter…..well peace!!!

  9. dianaa

    omg!!!! i met justin bieber!!! i got backstage passes!!! ahhhhhh he is so cutee!!!! i almost fainted!!!!!

  10. vivi14

    awwww…….putt sumthingg else ppleze!!jb is okayy!!ihav tewww admitt buttttttt i dnt all over himm….seriously…vivi<3
    p.s.(<3 is a kiss nott a heart kay!)

  11. lol867

    OMG!!!!!!i saw his movie nd i luv it!!!!!!!he is so the love of my life!!!!ohhh nd guess wat i met him!!!!i went to his concert nd got backstage passes!!!!!!he is way CUTER in person!!!!I that’s right envy me!!