February 17, 2011

Justin Bieber Purple Carpet Exclusive

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JustinHow loud would you scream if you found out that you were going to the premiere of the new Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never (rated G), AND you were going to interview Justin Bieber on the Purple Carpet? When Scholastic Kid Reporter Cassandra Hsiao found out she got that assignment, she “screamed out loud and jumped with joy, turning the whole house upside down.”

Watch her exclusive video from the Purple Carpet!

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  1. softballlover

    i would yell so loud that people all around the world woul be able to hear me. justin is such an inspiration guy i love him soooooo much he is sooo awesome

  2. kelese Lolz123

    I don’t know who would scream if they saw Justin bieber.no offense to anyone but I’m not a very bid fan of Justin bieber.

  3. bumblebeebuzz

    Justin Bieber 1 word OMG!!!!!!!!! I love You

  4. nyazia

    hi justin sorry about that last meessage said i was tied i went to bed at 100 a clock today i had fun at scool i want to know do you go to school?

  5. nyazia

    hi justin i love your song don’t have a new coming out if you do put it online so i can listen to the it and watch it ok ((thankyou)) bye

  6. annam

    I saw Justin. I was swimming in the kitty pool because every other pool was over populated with people. When I was swimming, my eyes cluttered. “JUSTIN BIEBER”! I said with my friend Zoe. I was so speechless and struck by how such a well known celebrity, can be in a section full of non-famous ordinary people. I knew right away that the only thing I should have done that minute was chase after him. But then I, Anna M, and my friend, Zoe understood the moments Justin had been through, and realized that Justin came there to have a time of his own. So from that day, I cherrish the day my friend and I for once, let Justin Bieber be.