February 21, 2011

Create a Caption: Spring Training

Createacaption Batter up!

Now that the football season has come to an end and Superbowl XLV has finished with a tremendous victory by the Wisconsin Bay Packers, you know what comes next. . .

The NBA Finals? Well yes, but that's not what I am thinking of. I'm talking about MLB (Major League Baseball) spring training. And what comes after that? Baseball season!

So to celebrate the upcoming season of Major League Baseball. . . I give you . . . my aunt posing in a glove!? Yes, you heard right. Just check out the photo below and add your own caption.

Carly's caption: "Steeerike three! You're out!"


— Carly M., Ink Splot 26 Blogger

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  1. serena

    “yeah, uhuh, Go…. YANKEES!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!! BOOGIE DOWN, BOOG-BOOG-BOOG-BOOGIE DOWN!!!!!!!!!wait! i’m not a ball, i’m a person!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”
    fan says:
    “wow, that was graceful…”

  2. Rachel

    my mom would be sooo prout at me right now,Ican see her face and her eyes wide open,*sigh*.Or would she be mad at me to think im dumb enough to think i would be a base ball?