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  1. Bella1001

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO exited!!!!!:)
    looks good!
    when does it come out? i hope it is tommorow!
    Did i mention i read the whole series in a weekend?!

  2. dtmsoccer

    If you like action and mystery than you will love this series. The 39 clues series is fantastic, my dad said. I have read the first book, but haven’t read all the other nine. I enjoyed the first book like I was eating ice cream. The book grabbed my attention so well that I wanted to be a character like Amy and Dan. The character that is most like me is Dan. He relates to me because I have some of his unique characteristics. Dan and I have the same feelings. One thing we both don’t like is scary places. I hope middle school readers will read this book and get pulled in, like me.

  3. Musicalme1122

    okay this is how it goes, the moovvie is comming out in august and the book is coming out in april. the movie has not started filming yet though they havnt even picked a cast!!!:) the information is on the 39 clues site, under the map.