January 4, 2011

More Would You Rather. . .?

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Qmark_130Your responses to last week's Would You Rather. . .? blog post were so fun, that I am going to give you some more. A few readers were cool enough to submit their own questions, so here they are. . .

From 400cherry: WOULD YOU RATHER. . .

  • be Percy Jackson? OR Harry Potter?
  • eat ice cream all day? OR eat cake all day?
  • date Harry Potter? OR Percy Jackson?

51dotfeg From 51dotfeg: WOULD YOU RATHER. . .

  • meet Robert Pattinson? OR Kristen Stewart?
  • sing a duet with Justin Bieber? OR sing with the Black Eyed Peas?
  • be Hermione Granger? OR Luna Lovegood?
  • date Justin Bieber? OR Drake?
  • be someone that likes hip-hop, rock, and pop music? OR be someone who only likes country music?
  • be on your computer most of the time? OR play outside in the snow?

From Kamryn: WOULD YOU RATHER. . .

  • be a dancer? OR a singer? OR neither?

And here's one from me: WOULD YOU RATHER. . .

  • eat disgusting moldy cheese that will make you throw up violently for a week but also magically get straight A's in school? OR take a bath in smelly greenish brown goo that will make you turn green for a week but then magically become the best looking person in school?

Leave your answers in the Comments. And if you have own Would You Rather questions, add them in too. The more, the merrier! Still want more Would You Rather? Click here.

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  1. 44maplesyrup

    stonefairy- i liked your questions,and i would rather:
    meet neither- more like,rupert grint!!!
    play the piano well
    be really smart…i think… but funny too..
    in the city!!

  2. charliebook

    First questions…
    1.Harry Potter
    2.Eat Ice Cream all day
    3.Neither. I AM A BOY!!!
    I am NOT going to answer the next series of questions, but here is some of my own:
    Would you rather…
    1. Go to private school or go to public school?
    2. Date Ginny or date Felur ( If you are a boy)?
    3. Date Crabbe or date Goyle ( If you are a girl)?
    4. Have wizarding powers or Lysander Sage’s Power from Charlie Bone: Call up your powerful spirit ansestors?
    5. Be a wizard or a demigod?
    6. Date Seamus Finnigan or date Dean Thomas? (Again if you are a girl)
    7. Meet Selena Gomez or meet Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley)? Dating would be involved: if you are a boy :)
    8. Be an only child or have siblings?
    9. Have your crush like you, but start getting Fs, or Have your crush hate you, and become a bilionare?
    And lastly…
    10. Tell you’re crush that you HATE him/her BUT become the most attractive person in school magically OR Tell you’re crush that you LIKE him/her BUT become the most ugly person in school magically?
    Be sure to post the reasons WHY, especially for the last two…
    NEITHER IS NOT AN OPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S (This “Would you Rather” thing is a great idea. KEEP IT UP!)

  3. GNOletsgo1

    1. Percy Jackson
    2. Cake
    3. Neither
    4. Neither
    5. Neither
    6. Hermione
    7. Neither
    8. Hip-hop, rock and pop
    9. play outside in the snow, if it ever snowed.
    11.Brown goo, because I already have straight As.

  4. Californian Girl

    1. Percy Jackson
    2. Cake
    3. Percy Jackson
    4. Neither
    5. JB
    6. Hermione
    7. Neither
    8. Hip hop, rock, and pop
    9. Snow
    10. Neither- Actress, Lawyer, Pilot, President, or Author
    11. Brown Goo- I already get straight A’s :)

  5. Mist13

    Would you rather
    be Maximum Ride or Amy Cahill?
    be able to turn into a panther or an eagle or a gecko?
    go to school with your hair bright pink and sticking up or wearing a shopping bag outfit?

  6. Jiraffe

    would you rather never have chocolate for the rest of your life OR have broccoli with every meal for the rest of your life?
    would you rather never use a phone or a never use email?

  7. SF GIANTS FAN 283855

    I would rather…
    1. Be Percy Jackson.
    2. Eat ice cream all day.
    3. Date Percy Jackson.
    4. Meet Robert Pattinson.
    5. Sing with the Black-Eyed Peas.
    6. Be Hermoine Granger.
    7. Date Drake.
    8. Be someone who likes hip-hop, rock, and pop.
    9. Play outside in the snow cuz’ it definitely DOES NOT snow where I live.
    10. Be neither.
    11. Eat disgusting moldy cheese cuz’ if I threw up, I would just be getting rid of it AND all the gunky stuff in my belly faster and flowier (if you know what I mean!).

  8. bluewolf10

    2.ice cream
    7.Drake.He is Canadian ( :
    8.hip hop and ect*

  9. ancientlacrosse18

    Here R Some I Made Up
    Would U Rather…
    1.date Annabeth or Amy Cahill?
    2.Be a son of Apollo or Ares?
    3.Be a daughter of Aphrodite or Athena?
    4.read the 39 clues or Percy Jackson?
    5.Be on the computer or ur cell phone?
    6.read Diary of a Wimpy Kid or The Kane Chronicles?

  10. ancientlacrosse18

    thxs 4 posting more there r cool
    1.be Percy Jackson
    2.eat ice cream all day
    4.meet Robert Pattinson
    8.be someone that likes hip-hop, rock, and pop music
    9.be on your computer most of the time i guess… unless one of my friends were outside with me
    11.take a bath in smelly greenish brown goo that will make you turn green for a week but then magically become the best looking person in school

  11. Starrninjarawr

    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson
    Kristen Stewart
    Black Eyed Peas
    Hermoine Granger
    Justin Bieber
    Someone who likes hip-hop , rock , and pop music
    Playing in the Snow
    Take a bath in smelly greenish brown goo

  12. 51dotfeg

    From 400cherry:
    1. Harry Potter
    2. Ice Cream
    3. Neither
    My Answers:
    1. Meet Both Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart
    2.Sing a duet with Justin Bieber.
    3. Be Hermione Granger
    4. Date Justin Bieber
    5.Be someone that likes hip-hop, rock, and pop music
    6.Be on the computer most of the time.
    From Kamryn:
    I would like to actually be both a singer and a dancer.
    From Sonja, STACKS Staffer:
    take a bath in smelly greenish brown goo that will make you turn green for a week but then magically become the best looking person in school
    From stonefairy:
    1. Meeting Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe
    3.Really Smart and Really Funny
    4.Big stone house in the city

  13. fantasyreader123

    Yay! More!
    1: Uh…Harry Potter. Because he has a wand. :)
    2: Eat cake. Ice cream would give me a brain freeze.
    3: Uh…neither? I guess Percy Jackson…but I would choose neither.
    4: Kristen Stewart
    5: Neither.
    6: Hermione. Definitely.
    7: Neither?
    8: hip-hop, rock, and pop.
    9: Uh…tough choice. Playing in the snow, I guess.
    10: Singer!
    11: The brown goo. I already get straight A’s. :)

  14. bmw3bug

    percy jackson
    depends on the flavours…
    percy jackson
    who r they?
    i personaly sdont listen to either
    who r they?
    drake who?
    hiphop rock and pop
    …computer i guess. depending on who was playing in the snow with me
    both but probly dancer more
    take the bath cuz i pretty much hav top marks in my class anyways ;)
    Canadian Jesus Freak
    Cahill Leader
    Proud Madrigal

  15. stonefairy

    I would rather…
    Be Percy Jackson
    eat ice cream all day (yum!)
    date Harry Potter
    Meet with Kristen Stewart
    sing with Justin Bieber
    be Luna Lovegood (but Hermione’s awesome too)
    date Justin Bieber
    be someone who likes hip-hop, pop and rock music
    play outside in the snow (lots of snow where I am!)
    eat disgusting moldy cheese that will make you throw up violently for a week but also magically get straight A’s in school.
    Here are some I made up:
    Would you rather…
    Meet Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe?
    Play the piano really well, or the trumpet really well?
    Be really smart, or really funny?
    Have an apartment in the city or a big stone house in the country?

  16. 44maplesyrup

    thank youuuuuuuuu!!! I love these questions!
    percy jackson
    ice cream!
    percy jackson :)
    robert! oh yeah!
    neither..well maybe JB
    hip hop etc.
    the second one!!

  17. spygirl248

    forv400cherry’s questions:
    1. percy jackson (the character)
    2. ice cream
    3. percy jackson(the character)
    for 51dotfeg’s questions:
    1. neither
    2. sing w/ the Black Eyed Peas
    3. hermione
    4. neither
    5. someone that likes hip-hop, rock and pop
    6. play outside in the snow (if i have a friend with me)
    for Kamyrn’s questions:
    1. neither
    for Sonja’s question:
    1. best looking person in school as long as no one cares that i have green skin for a whole week