January 18, 2011

Middle School Survival Answers

Mss_130Last week I posted a Middle School Survival Scavenger Hunt. What was your grade? Answers are below!

1. Name the first three books of the How I Survived Middle School series.

ANSWER: #1 Can You Get an F in Lunch? #2 Madame President #3 I Heard a Rumor Here is a list of the whole series.

2. In the past TOP 10 lists, what ranked as the #1 Favorite Breakfast Food?
ANSWER: Pancakes!

3. Ok, I couldn't resist another Top 10 list Q. They are totally addictive. What ranked as the #1 Favorite Cartoon Character?
ANSWER: Spongebob Squarepants.

4. Create your own tip. The night before a big test, you should ___. Fill in the blank with your own advice!
ANSWER: No answer is wrong! If you want to create more tips, go to the TIPS section on the Middle School Survival site. Send them to your friends!

5. Which section features real kids' most embarrassing stories that you can rate with 1 being "Not Too Bad", and 5 being "Ugh, the Worst!"
ANSWER: Hall of Shame. If you've ever been embarrassed– check these stories out! They will make you feel much better.

6. Create a Crush! What is his or her name?
ANSWER: You tell us! My crush's name is "Quinlan." He is a friendly guy, super nice, and really good at math. He likes art, sports, and as a Pisces is imaginative and kind.

7. Play the M.A.S.H. game. What will your job be? How many kids will you have?
ANSWER: Again, no wrong answer! Although if you put in 30 kids, you are in for a lot of work.

8. What is the name of the science camp Jenny and her friends go to in book #10 Into the Woods? ANSWER: Camp Einstein. (I feel smarter already!)

What do you guys think of the series? If you're brave enough, share your own most embarrassing stories at the Hall of Shame. Click on the "Submit Your Own" cloud bubble. And remember, unlike diamonds, middle school doesn't last forever!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. luvuhaterz

    i read only 4-5 books in the series it a really good book but i like the candy and poison apple better i like a long book and mystery

  2. G

    hey guys I haven’t heard of this book before, my friend refered me here so I came the book sounds cool I will check it out this summer.

    1. Hannah

      This is one of the best series ever. It is really relatable for kids in middle school and kids who haven’t yet been in middle school or even people who have already been in middle school and have graduated. I think you will love them and enjoy all the drama and laughs. Hope I helped!

  3. Bella Swan

    I read all the books and i loved them! they are the best boobks ever!!!!!!!! I loved the last book!!!! It was my favorite!!!! :) :) :)

  4. S

    O my goodness I am reading that book right now but I didn’t get to that part yet! Whatever! I don’t really care! I am almost finished with it anyways! :)

  5. 51dotfeg

    For the M.A.S.H game:
    Would you rather for Girls:
    1.Marry Justin Bieber or Drake Bell?
    2. Be a Vet or a Dentist?
    3. All about the Cars:
    Black Mustang or a Pink Motorcycle?
    Would you rather for Boys:
    1.Marry Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?
    2. Have 3 kids or 2 kids (Triplets or Twins or Neither)?
    3. Have a Motorcycle or a Truck?