January 24, 2011

Create a Caption: A Rose Is a Rose

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CreateacaptionAs you may or may not know, the Scholastic headquarters are in New York City. A couple months ago, I went to one of my most favorite places in New York – an art museum. Here she is a sculpture of a giant rose. What do you guess this person is thinking?

Carly’s Create-a-Caption comment: “Hmm. . . I can’t tell if this statue smells like a rose or hand sweat?”

Leave your captions in the Comments.

— Carly M., Ink Splot 26 Blogger

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  1. greenkoala39

    *stares at flower* “How did I end up in a giant’s garden? On minute I’m at a museum, the next I’m in a garden…*looks around, to see other people and sculptures* oh. Never mind.”

  2. spygirl248

    There are other small roses that we aren’t scared of. But this rose must have fell on someone, got the bloody color, painted to remove the blood, and frozen to make it stronger.
    Bad idea!

  3. Fluffytaco

    “I wonder who grew this rose, because I’ve never seen a gigantic, silver rose that doesn’t smell before…”

  4. Cute Swimmer

    Well I think that she would be in awe well i would! she is probaley thinking on how big it is, that she has seen it befour this summer the first thing that came to mind was WOW that is hot to the touch than she thought how big it was. My caption would be ” this is relly relly BIG!”
    See Ya Cute Swimmer