January 25, 2011

Trivia: Popular Names and their Meanings

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Trivia Tuesday:Have you ever been on a Top 10 List? Well, now might be your chance. Here are the top 10 most popular baby names of 2010. Maybe you'll even see your own name!

And now for the Trivia Quiz. Can you guess what they mean?

Ladies first:

10. Abigail means:

  • a. My father's joy
  • b. My mother's headache
  • c. My little dumpling

9. Addison

  • a. One who is good at math
  • b. Son of Adam
  • c. Daughter of Eve

8. Madison

  • a. One who angers or becomes mad easily
  • b. Son of Maud
  • c. Son of Mischief

7. Lily

  • a. A type of bird found in South America
  • b. Gentle and calm
  • c. Named after the flower – lily

6. Ava

  • a. A pixie like fairy
  • b. Like a bird
  • c. Luck or lucky

5. Chloe

  • a. Blooming
  • b. Snowing
  • c. Emitting a strong odor

4. Emma

  • a. Hard worker
  • b. Universal or Entire
  • c. One who enjoys baking

3. Olivia

  • a. Olive tree
  • b. Pine Tree
  • c. Oak Tree

2. Isabella

  • a. Like a bell
  • b. One who loves animals
  • c. God is my vow

1. Sophia

  • a. Sophisticated
  • b. Wisdom
  • c. Wicked

Now on to the most popular Boy's baby names. Can you guess what they mean?

10. Liam

  • a. Hungry Hunter
  • b. Unwavering Protector
  • c. Magical Sorcerer

9. Lucas

  • a. Bringer of Light
  • b. Bringer of Darkness
  • c. Bringer of Hurricanes

8. Caden

  • a. Cave Dweller
  • b. Leprechaun
  • c. Spirit of Battle

7. Logan

  • a. Small Hollow
  • b. Winding River
  • c. Erupting Volcano

6. Noah

  • a. Beautiful Rainbow
  • b. Skilled Craftsman
  • c. Rest or Comfort

5. Jayden

  • a. Jewel
  • b. Mysterious
  • c. Thankful

4. Ethan

  • a. Strong 
  • b. Having Curly Hair
  • c. Noble Wolf

3. Jackson

  • a. Jack's son
  • b. A powerful wizard's son
  • c. A giant's son

2. Jacob

  • a. The Fortune Teller
  • b. The Gardener
  • c. The Supplanter

1. Aiden

  • a. Fiery
  • b. Calm
  • c. Helpful

Leave your answers in the Comments, and check back next week to see how many you guessed correctly!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

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