January 21, 2011

Ask a Megamind Minion

Photo_minion UPDATE: Minion replied! You can read his answers to your questions here.

If you saw Megamind in theaters last fall, you know that the big blue super-villain and his sidekick Minion were able to save Metro City when no one else could. Well, the DVD comes out on Friday, February 25, 2011, and as a special treat for STACKS readers, Minion has agreed to answer YOUR questions.

Now is your chance to ask what it’s really like to be the sidekick of a man with a huge blue head, what it’s really like to be a fish on the body of a gorilla, how life has changed since he became a famous movie star and protector of Metro City, and what he remembers about his home planet.

Leave your questions for Minion in the Comments and come back on February 25 to read his answers!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Image and video courtesy of Paramount Pictures, Dream Works Animation

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  1. Cutieu123

    Do you ever feel underrated, unappreciated, or a fish out of water (excuse the pun, please)? Do you think you deserve more credit like MegaMind?

  2. Whopper24

    1. Do you like Justin Bieber?
    2. How about Fred?
    3. Do you like the name “Franchesqa”?(FRAN-CHEZ-KA)
    4. Do you like Taylor Swifts music?
    5. Do you like this website?
    6. Did you know that there r going 2 be 10 questions total?
    7. I like Taylor Swift’s song,”Speak Now”!
    8.Would you like to be a wizard?
    9. What is your fave color?(I’m guessing its probably blue, right)?
    10. That is a cool Movie!!
    P.S. I’ve been on tv before!!

  3. SF GIANTS FAN 283855

    Have you ever broken your water capsule container thingy on your head? Did it hurt? Did you survive? how did you get it fixed? If you haven’t yet broken that thing yet, CAN it break?

  4. spygirl248

    Did you like destroying rather than protecting Metro City?
    Do you remember what Megamind’s parents said that he was destined for?

  5. late night reader

    What is is like working with Mega-Mind? Have you ever thought of not being a side kick and being a hero/villian?

  6. 51dotfeg

    1. Do you wish you were a Human?
    2. Do you wish you were smarter than Mega-mind?
    3. What do you think of the Scholastic website?
    4.Do you like being Famous?
    5. Do you wish that you weren’t mega-mind’s minion?
    6. Do you wish you weren’t a fish?
    7. Which would you choose to be? A dog? or A mouse?
    8. What is your favorite thing to play with?
    9. What type of Music do you like to listen to?
    10. Do you think answering all these Questions is kinda hard?
    11. Have you ever heard of Justin Bieber?
    12. Do you think it would be cool if you were a Wizard?
    Your a great Minion to me, just to be respectful to a wonderful character like you. Tell Mega-mind I said Hi!