December 28, 2010

Would You Rather. . .?

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Qmark_130 Today's Trivia Tuesday quiz is really more of a game than a trivia quiz, but it's Winter Break and I didn't want you to have to work too hard! It's a "Would You Rather. . .?" game from GinnyW123 on the Reading Buzz Board. Leave your answers in the Comments. And go to the Message Board to see other people's answers.

Would you rather. . . 

  1. Be a Vampire? OR a Werewolf?
  2. Be a witch/wizard OR muggle?
  3. Live in the country OR the city?
  4. Be an Artist OR an Author?
  5. Meet Demi Lovato? OR Selena Gomez?
  6. Date Draco Malfoy? OR Harry Potter? (OR neither)
  7. Visit the forest? OR the ocean?
  8. Visit Disney World? OR Disneyland?
  9. Go to Disney World for a year? OR Go on a cruise to Europe?

Do you have your own "Would you rather" questions? Leave those in the Comments too!

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  1. bookishathena39

    1. vampire
    2. witch
    3. country
    4. author
    5. Selena Gomez
    6. neither
    7. the ocean
    8. Disney world
    9. cruise to Europe

  2. YouBugMe

    DRACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He isn’t that bad. He didn’t kill anyone, at least. Besides, he is kind of like me. <3 Sorry Harry

  3. Sherita

    5.demi rocks!
    8.Disney World (i went to disneyland!

  4. Shadow Princess

    well, i would rather…
    1. vampire
    2. witch
    3. BOTH!
    4. Author
    5. Selena Gomez
    6. Draco Malfoy
    7. Forest
    8. Disney World
    9. European Cruise

  5. magicalrainbow10

    1. Vampire
    2. Witch/wizard
    3. country
    4. artist
    5. selena gomez <3 <3
    6. NIETHER
    7. Ocean
    8. Disney World ( i’ve been to disneyland already )
    9. Cruise to Europe! I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise! And go to Europe!