December 28, 2010

Would You Rather. . .?

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Qmark_130 Today's Trivia Tuesday quiz is really more of a game than a trivia quiz, but it's Winter Break and I didn't want you to have to work too hard! It's a "Would You Rather. . .?" game from GinnyW123 on the Reading Buzz Board. Leave your answers in the Comments. And go to the Message Board to see other people's answers.

Would you rather. . . 

  1. Be a Vampire? OR a Werewolf?
  2. Be a witch/wizard OR muggle?
  3. Live in the country OR the city?
  4. Be an Artist OR an Author?
  5. Meet Demi Lovato? OR Selena Gomez?
  6. Date Draco Malfoy? OR Harry Potter? (OR neither)
  7. Visit the forest? OR the ocean?
  8. Visit Disney World? OR Disneyland?
  9. Go to Disney World for a year? OR Go on a cruise to Europe?

Do you have your own "Would you rather" questions? Leave those in the Comments too!

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  1. Chrysanthemum98

    1. Uhhh, vampire, I guess
    2.Witch, of course!
    3.City, I love the city, so long as there’s a couple of trees around, I’m fine
    4.Artist, I hope you mean like singing artist
    5.SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!!!!!! I loooove her music! And she seems like a great person, too! :-)
    7.Ocean, I ♥ it!
    9.Cruise to Europe, there’s more Disneys there!

  2. techie9

    1. I don’t know.
    2. Be a wizard.
    3. Live in the city.
    4. Be an Author.
    5. ????
    6. Neither.
    7. Visit the ocean.
    8. Visit Disney World
    9. Go on a cruise to Europe.

  3. SelenaSparkle

    1. I’d rather be a vampire cuz even though blood sucking is totally disgusting, I really like the fangs.
    2. Of course I’d be a witch bcuz of all the magic and spells!
    3. I’d like to live in the country for peace and quiet.
    4. I’d rather be an author cuz since I was a kid I loved writing.
    5. I’d want to meet Selena Gomez for the latest wizard world news. ;)
    6. I’d date neither one cuz honestly, I’m not really a Harry Potter fan. I’m a techie, not really a bookworm.
    7. I would visit the ocean cuz swimming is the best sport ever.
    8. I’d visit both cuz I think there’s no difference.
    9. I would definitely go to Disney World for a year cuz I don’t really know what to do in Europe..

  4. Doodlebug8899

    (Responding to 51dotfeg’s questions)
    1. Kristen (do you mean Robert Pattinson???)
    2. Black Eyed Peas
    3. Hermione
    4. Neither!!
    5. Both, though if I had to choose, I’d be a goth person
    6. Playing Outside in snow!
    7. I love them both, read all of them!!!

  5. Doodlebug8899

    1. Vampire
    2. Witch
    3. Country
    4. Author
    5. Both (If I had to choose, Demi Lovato)
    6. Neither (If I had to choose, Harry Potter)
    7. Both
    8. DisneyWorld
    9. Cruise to Europe ( As long as the boat doesn’t sink)

  6. Romulus12

    1. werewolf
    2. witch/wizard
    3. country
    4. author
    5. Selena Gomez
    6. neither
    7. forest
    8. disney world
    9. european cruise

  7. IL2WHP(LH!!!)

    1.OmG Totally Werewolf (LUV JACOB!!!)
    4.definetley author
    5.Selena Gomez
    6.HP!!!!!!!!!HP!!!!!!!!!!LUV HIM!!!!!!!!!
    8.Disney World
    9.CRUISE, Oh YEAH!!!

  8. petgirl33

    1. Werewolf
    2.which/ wizard
    4.AUTHOR (dream job)
    5.defidently Sel
    6.neither ( don’t know the first guy and Harry Potter is STUPID in my oppinion
    7.ocean, I live in the mountains so I’m surrounded by forests
    8.does it matter which? they’re basicly the same!
    9.go on a cruise to Europe, no compition!( sorry Disney Europe is cooler)

  9. skylar

    Would you rather. . .
    0.Be a Vampire? OR a Werewolf? werewolf i wont get eaten
    0.Be a witch/wizard OR muggle? a wizard
    0.Live in the country OR the city? Country
    0.Be an Artist OR an Author? Author
    0.Meet Demi Lovato? OR Selena Gomez? Selena all the way!1
    0.Date Draco Malfoy? OR Harry Potter? (OR neither)Neither…boys are gross!!
    0.Visit the forest? OR the ocean? Forest
    0.Visit Disney World? OR Disneyland? Disney World
    0.Go to Disney World for a year? OR Go on a cruise to Europe…A cruise of course!!

  10. Annel

    2)I would be a wizard/witch because I love MAGIC
    3)I have lived in the city my whole life so i would say city because it would feel weird and a little to quiet.
    5)Selena Gomez
    8)BOTH DUH!
    9)DISNEY FOR A YEAR because I’ve never been to disney world/land!

  11. GryffindorWolf

    1. Be a Vampire? OR a Werewolf? I don’t really, know, but i LOVE wolves more than bats
    2. Be a witch/wizard OR muggle? WITCH, DUH!!!!!
    3. Live in the country OR the city? country-more room for my pet dogs!!!
    4. Be an Artist OR an Author? Author–I’m writing a story right now
    5. Meet Demi Lovato? OR Selena Gomez? SELENA GOMEZ!!!! I’m a HUGE selena fan
    6. Date Draco Malfoy? OR Harry Potter? (OR neither)neither–i like Fred Weasley
    7. Visit the forest? OR the ocean? FOREST!!!!! I live near one
    8. Visit Disney World? OR Disneyland? I don’t really care which one.
    9. Go to Disney World for a year? OR Go on a cruise to Europe? CRUISE TO EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 51dotfeg

    1.Eat Popcorn for a Year OR Ice-Cream
    I would rather have neither for a year because they both are junk foods, which is not healthy.
    2.Date Taylor Launter OR Robert Patterson
    Hahahahaha…. Neither, they are older than me. I would choose someone who is around my age.
    3.Be a Singer OR Dancer
    I would like to be both. I listen to Eminem so I have learned to rap and of course I am a good dancer.
    4.have a brother OR sister
    I already have a 3 year old baby sister so, I would like to have a little brother for a change.
    5.have a flat screen OR laptop? I already have a laptop and it is already easier to use than a flat screen. dead bug OR an alive one? Ew! I would eat neither because if you ate a alive one then it could eat up your body. But eating a dead one is much worst!
    7.fight a cheetah OR a bear
    I would choose the bear, cheetahs are just to fast and a bear is easier to get.
    8.have short OR long hair?
    I like long hair. Long hair makes you long prettier. When I was younger, my hair was right about near the length to my hips.

  13. rach37

    1. Werewolf(Harry Potter kind)
    5.Selena Gomez
    6.Harry Potter
    8.Disney World
    9.Go on a cruise to Europe

  14. Sydney

    1.Vampire (but not from Twilight)
    3.The city
    4.An author
    5.Selena Gomez
    6.Can you say ‘Draco Malfoy’
    7.The ocean
    9.Cruise to Europe

  15. goldyteethsummer

    1 .Be a Vampire
    2.Be a Wizard
    3.Live in a country
    4.Be a author
    5.Meet Selena Gomez
    6.Date neither
    7.Visit the ocean
    8.Visit Disney Land
    9.Go on a a cruise to Europe

  16. musicalgleek1199

    1.werewolf. only once a month
    6.Draco=he has a sensitive side which I find appealing
    8.Disney world
    9. Tour of europe

  17. 77caramelsurprise

    1. Vampire- because I can read people’s mind and teleport fast.
    2.Witch-I like to do spells and cast them to my enemies.
    3. Live in a country- there are vast flower meadows and fresh air.
    4. Be and Author- that’s my dream!
    5.Selena Gomez
    6. Date Harry- romantic wizard.
    7.Ocean and forest
    8. Disney world
    10. Cruise to Europe

  18. bluecookiedough

    1. A Werewolf because being a vampire would stink. Plus the whole Twilight thing makes me mad cause vamps don’t sparkle.
    2. Be a witch because being a muggle is just so boring. I like a change in scenery every once and a while.
    3. Live in the country so that I could see the stars every night.
    4. Why choose one? I’m both!
    5. Neither, if that’s an option, because I don’t really care for either of them. Now if you said go back in time and meet the Beatles…
    6. Neither. WEASLY IS OUR KING! (Ron, if you don’t get that reference)
    7. The ocean. (Dark, Scary, Creepy) Forests freak me out.
    8. What’s the difference between ‘em, they both say Disney.
    9. Go on a cruise to Europe but without the cruise part. I’d rather take buses and see the land I’m in.
    Would you rather meet John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, or George Harrison? (Or all of them at once!)

  19. TAHiYA

    2.Be a witch/wizard (I’m living the Muggle life right now.)
    3.Live in the city (Like I do now.)
    5.Selena Gomez (I had a hard time with this one.Maybe she could mention me to Demi? :D )
    6.Draco Malfoy <3
    7.Ocean (I see the forest every time I go to my cousins’ house.)
    8.Disney World
    9.Cruise to Europe (My dad’s side of the family lives there.I love it!)

  20. Popcorn3penguin

    2.witch/wizard the country
    5.Selena I don’t realy like demi
    7.Forest hands down
    8. I don’t know wereever the Harry Potter theme park is
    9.England in a blink

  21. Bianca

    1.vampire (duh)
    2.witch (dont know why)
    5.Selena Gomez
    7.ocean,forest creep me out
    8.Disney World
    9.disney world, im scared of boats
    my own would you rather popcorn for a year OR icecream taylor launter OR robert pattison a singer OR dancer
    4.have a brother OR sister
    5.have a flat screen OR laptop dead bug OR an alive one
    7.fight a cheetah OR a bear
    8.have short OR long hair
    thats it please answer these questions in a comment