December 31, 2010

Willow Smith Video Interview

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Image_willowsmith Scholastic Kid Reporter, Damien Murphy, interviewed Willow Smith and asked her to talk about her hairstyles and the message of her music video, “Whip My Hair.”

If you are a Willow fan, you will not want to miss this exclusive video!!

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Interview by Damien Murphy, Scholastic Kid Reporter

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    she is definetly using her hands too much. haha, she’s a kid. but her song rocks and let her enjoy life while she’s young…I can’t wait for her album

  2. poplockitdropit

    Willow omg i’m like her biggest fan!
    I hope she read this and request me as her friend.I loved that video whens her next one coming out? Fill me in!

  3. caraboos01

    I think she is very eccentric and I (and my mom) thought her video was annoying. I mean, I don’t even watch High School Musical, so just keep me updated, okay everyone?