November 8, 2010

New Website for Readers

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YAWYR If you love to read, then you will love this new site on THE STACKS called You Are What You Read.

So what can you do on this new site?

Create your Bookprint.
You can learn a lot about a person by the books they read. If your fingerprint is your unique mark that identifies you, then your Bookprint is the list of books that identifies you! These are the books that are most important to you; your all-time faves; the ones you'll never ever forget. These are the five books that changed your life and made you who you are today.

Add your Bookprint to Your Profile.
You can show other STACKERS what books you love, and also see similar users who love the same books as you.

See Names You Know
You can check out celebrities' Bookprints, and find out which books influenced famous stars like Taylor Swift, Daniel Radcliffe, and other cool people.

Pass It On
If you have a book in your hand and you want to give it to someone, you can print these cool bookplates to fill out and stick inside the book.

If you think about it, it's true that you really *are* what you read. All the books you have read in your life have totally influenced who you are today, and helped to make you unique and special, haven't they?

That's definitely true for me, and I remember the exact minute that it all started. I was 8 years old, riding in the back seat of my parents' car to the beach, and I was reading the Narnia Chronicles. (This was long before Harry Potter was written!) I remember feeling like the world outside me had just completely disappeared and I never wanted to leave Narnia. I wanted the experience of reading those books to last forever. Sadly the books ended, so when I was done with the series, I looked for more books, and more. . . and more. . .and I just never stopped reading!

So for today's Writing Prompt, I want to know, what is the book that got you hooked forever on reading? Let me know in the Comments and then go add it to your Bookprint!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

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