November 10, 2010

Book Club: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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Hp7_130 Hi! Welcome to THE STACKS Book Club where every month we all read the same book together. Here's how it works. I'll write the blog post here announcing this month's book, why I chose it, and a question that I am interested in. You participate by writing what you think in the Comments below. Anyone can join!

This month's book is: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Why I chose this book: The Deathly Hallows movie is coming out on November 19, and I want to re-read Book 7 so the story will be fresh in my mind when I see the movie.

Question to Discuss: Since the movie is going to be split into 2 parts, where do you think Part 1 should end? (The real ending has already been revealed elsewhere on the Internet, so I'm not asking where it will actually end, but where YOU think it SHOULD end.)

Now, read or re-read the book, and then add your thoughts/questions/rants/random musings in the Comments. This is the first month of this new Book Club so let's make it HUGE!

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  1. Wanjiku

    wait i change my mind… i think part 1 should end wen they find the hurcruxis. I haven’t read the potter series since 5th grade and i am currently on book 5.

  2. Wanjiku

    I agree with Sirius_Black_is awsome, I don’t think it should ever end, but if i was to choose, I think it should stop right before a battle, so it will draw people to read the book immediately, or watch the next movie.

  3. Wanjiku

    I agree with Sirius_Black_is_awsome, I don’t think it should end. But if I was to choose where, I think after one of the battles.

  4. Sarah

    I know where it will end, but I won’t spoil it if you don’t want to know. I think it should end after Harry digs Dobby’s grave and Luna closes his eyes. Then Hermione or someone should make some comment about sticking together and friends and it should end. Or, Harry could say Bellatrix is going to die.

  5. hello

    Well, I’ve known Harry Potter books since I was little and my mom read them to me. I say (please don’t disagree because there is no point in doing that becauase this is merely an OPINOIN!)part 1 should end when the trio (and others) are locked in the dungeon (or whatever is was in Malfo Manor. What say you? ;)

  6. Anna

    I think that it should end before the dragon scene or the locket being broken, I heard that the second part is going to be 3D

  7. Tori

    I don’t think it should end either, I say more HP! It is my fav book in the world AND I get to see the premier of the movie! In think there should be an 8th book. I love Harry Potter. that is all I have to say so…….Peace Out!

  8. percyj99

    I see almost everyone has agreed with Payal, and I do too. That would leave everyone about as excited as I was when I finished “The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero” (which, by the way was great, and should be a book that we talk about in the Book Club),and found out that I had to wait a whole year until “The Son of Neptune” comes out.

  9. lbreader17

    i’m reading ALL of the books to read them for ocne beacause i never had and it is AWESOME!!!! IM IN THE 4TH BOOK NOW

  10. bibliomania123

    i think it should end right after they leave the lovegoods house and are about to get taken by the snatchers. i know where it will end cause i looked it up and i totally disagre cause it will leave a HUGE CLIFHANGER!!!!! not good for people who havent read the books and don’t know what will happen in part 2.