October 5, 2010

Trivia: Famous First Lines

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How well do you know your books? Here are the first sentences of some of my favorite books. See if you can guess the book titles. Warning: I’ll give you the official answers next week, but I kind of give away the titles in the hints, so don’t click on the links unless you really can’t wait for the correct answers!

  1. When I was little, my uncle Pete had a necktie with a porcupine painted on it. (Hint: Caitlyn Taylor Love from Disney’s I’m in the Band recommends this book.)
  2. They say the sea makes some people sick. (Hint: Scholastic Staffer, Morgan, also loves this book. And the sequel is coming out next spring!)
  3. Peoples are strange! (Hint: This was one of my favorite books of 2009.)
  4. The tired old carriage, pulled by two tired old horses, rumbled onto the wharf, its creaky wheels bumpety-bumping on the uneven planks, waking Peter from his restless slumber. (Hint: Peter is the main character and his name also appears in the title of this steampunk book.)
  5. Lyra and her daemon moved through the darkening hall, taking care to keep to one side, out of sight of the kitchen. (Hint: This book was made into a movie.)
  6. When Giuseppe found the green violin, he did not think it would help him escape. (Hint: This book is new so you probably haven’t read it yet, but this first line is so cool I had to include it! Watch the video trailer here.)
  7. Rain fell that night, a fine, whispering rain. Many years later, Meggie had only to close her eyes and she could still hear it, like tiny fingers tapping on the windowpane. (Hint: The author of this series has a new book that I can’t wait to read!)
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. (Do you seriously need a hint for this book???)

That’s it. Leave your answers in the Comments!

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  1. pear

    i just wanted to say that all the posts every wear was great and if i was the head chief of stacks i would give everybody bonuses love all your stacks pear sighning out peace

  2. camoshark896

    8.Harry Potter
    5.The Golden Compass[Great book!]
    not all of them is up above I know.
    PEACE*# CAMOSHARK896!!!!!!!!!!!!!