October 25, 2010

How to Draw Goosebumps

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Goosebumps It’s the last week of October leading up to Halloween and we’re celebrating all things Goosebumps here on the STACKS by TAKING OVER the blog! Be sure to check Ink Splot 26 every day this week for your daily dose of Goosebumps!

Goosebumps books are such page-turners and one of the things that makes Goosebumps_How to Draw Goosebumps them so much fun are the monsters, ghouls and villains that R.L. Stine creates to terrorize his characters—and his readers. Now we can learn how to draw the Goosebumps ghouls with a new book that provides step-by-step instructions for our favorite Goosebumps villains. All the fan favorites such as Slappy, the Haunted Mask, Werewolf of Fever Swamp and the Horror are included, plus many others.

Did you know that the basic foundation of all drawings are basic shapes like circles and squares? Very true! And the book teaches you that you need to think of these shapes in 3D to make drawings look realistic. You start out with these basic shapes and work on adding details and refining to create the character drawings. OK, sounds simple enough. I like to think I’m pretty talented. I mean I’m no Picasso but hey, who is, right? Check out my rendition of Slappy. . .  Slappy Sketch_Amabel
Who’s your favorite Goosebumps ghoul? Tell us in the Comments.

—Amabel, Scholastic Media Staffer

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