October 28, 2010

Get Goosebumps Mall Tour

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Goosebumps The Get Goosebumps Mall Tour has been traveling around the country all month helping fans of all ages Get Goosebumps! GGB_Wide-Shot

The most popular activity on the Tour has been the customized prank video that fans can make to send to all their friends and family.The activity was housed in a giant inflatable that you could enter and get a snapshot of your scariest, most frightful face. Your custom photo would then be added into the video, which you could retrieve online after the event using a unique code.

Goosebumps Inflatable

Fans also got to test their “batting” skills in the Batting Cage game from the Goosebumps HorrorLand Wii game. In this Batting Cage, the bats are the kind that fly! Players had a blast trying to avoid being eaten by bats by swinging away at them. Could you imagine if Batting Cage were a real attraction at an amusement park? That would be terrifying!

Goosebumps Horror Photo The Goosebumps video game is inspired by the One Day at HorrorLand book. As you readers may know, the workers that staff HorrorLand are called Horrors, the green-skinned monsters with curled horns. The tour also gave fans the opportunity to become a Horror in HorrorLand with a photo backdrop where they could place their face in place of the Horror’s face. Fans got their pictures taken and received custom keepsake frames. We also saw a lot of fans having fun and taking their own pictures too with their cell phone cameras. Hey, c’mon – it’s not every day that you could be a menacing green Horror!

— Amabel, Scholastic Media Staffer

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  1. tyriek

    Omg I love r.l. Stine and his books he is so cool wow I really wish I could meet him he is so cool I wish he could meet me “he is awsome.

  2. Peter

    that was cool! too bad I don’t live around there.if only it could come to where i live. I live for that happening!p.s.I love goosebumps,books and vidios[dvd’s too!