September 21, 2010


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Hi, everyone! My name is Jeremy Gilley. Eleven years ago, I had the idea to create an annual day of global ceasefire and nonviolence: Peace Day. I wanted it to be like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. I just couldn’t understand all the fighting and suffering happening around me and I wanted to do something about it. I’m a filmmaker, so I decided to make a film about my journey to get this day recognized. Other people might have written a book, but I see the world through images and stories as told in films, so for me it made perfect sense. I had no idea what would happen, but I knew I had to try.


After traveling the world, speaking to country leaders and school children trying to make this day happen, I actually succeeded. Amazingly, in 2001, every member state of the United Nations adopted the day, September 21, as Peace Day. The UN resolution asks everyone in the world — governments, organizations, and individuals like you and me — to mark September 21 each year. Since the resolution was passed, I have been working hard to spread the message so that everyone around the world knows about Peace Day.

This year, I am more excited than ever about Peace Day and I hope with your help, it will be our best year yet! Lots of wonderful things are happening on THE STACKS including a new Message Board to talk about peace, and a Live Chat on Peace Day itself. 

WHEN: Peace Day! Tuesday, September 21, 2010 3 p.m. ET (12 Noon PT)
WHERE: THE STACKS (See below for instructions to join the chat.)
TOPIC: World Peace

Speaking to young people is what inspires me, so make sure you stop by for the Live Chat on September 21. It really is up to you to create a more peaceful world. Please tell your friends, family and teachers and invite them join in the celebrations!

—Jeremy Gilley, Founder of Peace One Day

This entry is sponsored by Peace One Day 

Thanks for joining the chat about peace! If you missed it, you can read the transcript to hear Jeremy Gilley’s inspiring message of peace.

  1. kat

    wow i just love peace hey dont forget to love. peace out {lol get it i love peace then i said peace out lol}

  2. cellphone -music- boyz

    Peace day seems like it is a great cause if i made a peace day the rule would be for everybdy to not…
    FIGHT STEAL LIE ect.To me if i do that i feel that i can make the world a better day for everybody that ants it to be better

  3. Nicole

    There is one thing that has been on my mind for the last few days. It is that everybody is right about the future.Everybody is making a bunch of new stuff like computers teachers and we never stop to realize that we dont need all that junk . STOP AND LOOK AT THE PLANET.

  4. kimiko

    hello, i regularly watch BBC and they did a feature on ‘weekend world’ about peace one day. i’m a political science/philosophy major and a debater and i was moved by documentary and the nobility of the cause it represents. because of it, i was inspired to organize a debate tournament dedicated to the theme of ‘peace one day’- thank you for providing that inspiration :)

  5. wifey26

    aw thats cute i like helping the world mostly the child out in africa butim only 15 so i wont be able 2 go what should i do?

  6. jonathan aj

    I think we sould save earth by puting water into the tree and to put more plans insted of puting new plants then and save more water and sve more then one tv in hestory and poeple sould get payed for saveing one last of plastik and before i go to sleep im am gonna save money to save my dog because he might be sick

  7. 45awsomeness

    OMG!!! finnaly a day with purpose!! at my school in art major and minor we made peace pinwheels! their located all over the school! and we broadcasted to all schools in my county what day it is! i was lucky enough to start a group named “peace today and peace forever” everyone that celebrated this thank u sooo muchh! i also have a stacks account 45awsomeness thank you!! to bad its onne day it should be a month ar a year… every year!!!

  8. Debbie

    We are celebrating Peace Day at our school! The students love the activities we have used leading to Sept. 21. It’s fantastic.

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