September 17, 2010

Interview a Dragon Trainer

Dragon_130UPDATE: Hiccup replied! You can read his answers to your questions here.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you found an injured dragon and tried to train it? Well, THE STACKS will be bringing in an expert who has gone through that exact experience, and you can get your questions answered! Hiccup, the Viking from the movie How to Train Your Dragon (rated PG) has agreed to answer your burning questions. (Get it? burning. . . dragon! I’m full of cleverness!) Anyway, now is your chance to ask about his experiences with wild dragons, his misunderstood life among the barbaric Vikings, and how his life has changed since the movie made him a star.

Find out more about the characters Hiccup and Astrid in our blog post from last spring when the movie came out in theaters. If you missed it, you’ll get to see How to Train Your Dragon on DVD soon – it’s coming out on October 15. That is also date when I’ll be posting Hiccup’s answers to your questions, so check back here then!

Don’t forget to leave your questions for Hiccup in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Photos courtesy of DreamWorks Animation

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  1. harrypotterisbeast

    And OMG, someone wants to MARRY you. Tehehe. It’s funny though!!!
    Just one Q:
    Do you like Harry Potter?
    Bcuz HP is beastly. It owns in the face, it’s ownage.

  2. Geoff

    Have you ever considered flying across the ocean?? Sure, its a long trip, but it makes another great adventure for the two of you! (And don’t worry, you wont fall of the edge of the Earth…)

  3. Monica

    Do any of the other dragons from the Dragon Book attack your village? If so, which ones? What’s it like flying? Is it cool? Is Snotlout really your cousin? Have you ever seen any other Night Furies besides Toothless? Also, does Toothless like to eat anything else besides fish and sheep? Is he house-trained, or does he spend most of his time outside? Is he really pure black, or is he a dark midnight blue? How old do dragons live to be? How old is Toothless? How old are you? Am I asking too many questions? I’m sorry, I’m just a HUGE fan!! Say hi to Toothless for me, okay? <3

  4. jonte

    I would love to train a dragon because it would be cool to ride a dragon any place i like and i could take anybody i don’t like to a place far away like japan or Asia.

  5. Vanessa

    I enjoyed this movie very much. How did this movie change your life and how did it feel to be able to take a part in this movie?
    And if I were to find a dragon I would probably try to see whats wrong with it and try to see if I could help. Also I would try to keep it a secret due to his danger of being killed. But I probably would be really scared the first time I saw him.

  6. Jack

    Hey Hiccup! How did you make it through the discouragement and ridicule when you were younger? Like your father, adults and other teens (you are a teen right?)
    Because I kind of feel the same right now.

  7. V

    Why didn’t you bring Toothless with you when you were searching for the Boneknapper? Like seriously, you don’t like him anymore? xD

  8. Tom

    So, is anyone in the village jealous that you have toothless(a night fury)?
    I know I would be, its like having a Mustang when the guy next to you has a Ferrari or something, you get my point.

  9. HiccupFan

    Here’s what I think Hiccup would probably say:
    I can’t sing, Toothless will not be Banishing anyone’s sister, and Yes, Astrid is my girlfriend now.
    No Toothless, don’t burn that!

  10. Camicazi

    Why am I not in the movie? I’m sooooo much better then that Astrid, I can do anything she can while both of my eyes are clossed with my hands tied behind my back and jumping on one foot.