September 3, 2010

Camp Rock 2: Jonas, Demi, and Cast Speak

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Stacks_camprock2_130x130 There is nothing better than finding out one of your favorite movies is getting a sequel. So if you are a fan of Camp Rock, you are in luck. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam will premiere on Disney Channel September 3 at 8:00 p.m. EST.  And best of all, your favorite characters are back, including the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato as Camp Rockers, along with some new faces.

In Camp Rock 2, Camp Rock is in danger of closing down because a new, state-of-the-art rival camp, Camp Star, has opened up across the lake. Many of Camp Rock's instructors and campers have switched camps, including queen bee Tess Tyler. For the scoop on the new movie, we talked to returning stars Jonas brothers, Meaghan Jette Martin, and Demi Lovato, and to Matthew “Mdot” Finley, who plays new character, Lucas Williams (a.k.a. Camp Star’s biggest star). First let's hear from the Jonas boys. . .

Q: Joe, what were your favorite scenes?
Joe: The song me and Demi do together called "Wouldn't Change a Thing." I really like that song and it was a cool experience to film it and it was freezing cold but it was fun. Then there's a big water fight scene that was fun to film. I've never done that ever in a movie and that was really real cold water. It was early morning- we had fun. It was just a big water fight and we were just throwing water balloons at each other all over the place and that was a good time.

Q: In the movie everybody’s dancing except you. Why is that?
Joe: They know how good we dance and it's not that good.
Kevin: We're the band in the movie. That's kind of our characters. What's so important to Camp Rock is that there's so many different things. Whether you want to be a dancer, a singer, an acoustic artist or a band like us. There's a place for everyone at Camp Rock and I think that's why this movie is really interesting because you see what everything is at Camp Rock and you what it is at Camp Star and you see what the passion is to where you just want to be famous. And we live by a quote that says, "I never wanted to be famous. I just wanted to be great." Ray Charles said that and I think that kind of explains the morale of Camp Rock compared to Camp Star in the movie.

Q: Nick, describe Joe in three words.
Nick: Really great brother.
Q: Joe, describe Nick.
Joe: In three words. Intelligent, leader, athlete.
Q: Kevin, describe Joe and Nick.
Kevin: Joe and Nick- so I get six words! I would agree- driven for Nick. Passionate and an artist. Joe- funny, heartfelt, and stylish.

Q: If you guys could take one thing with you from the set, what would it be?
Kevin: I actually did. In the film you saw behind me when I was in my cabin, there's this amazing looking crazy guitar made of all these things from camp. Like bottle tops, anything you could find around the prop guy made a guitar out of it, glued it all together. So I actually kept it which was really really cool.
Nick: What would I take? There were these jet skis that were pretty fun. A couple of scenes on those. The canoes were all good.
Joe: I'm not sure what I'd really take. There were some cool props. I wish I'd taken that horse painting that was on the wall.

Q: What books would you recommend?
A Wrinkle in Time- I'm gonna steal half of my answers.
It's not stealing; we grew up in the same house.
We grew up in the same house and so were reading the same books. Can we do a unanimous Jonas Brothers list?  That makes it easier.
Kevin: Another book- I was really into the Redwall series when I was younger.
Series of Unfortunate Events. I love them.

Now, here's Demi Lovato.

Q: What was your favorite scene to film in Camp Rock 2?
Demi: My favorite scene in the film was one that's towards the end and it was really good. It was a dancing scene and it was so much fun. No. just kidding. It wasn't the dancing scene. It was the scene that was around a campfire and. . . we're all together and we're all singing. And, it was really sweet and really awesome.

Q: Did you hang out with most of the girls or did you hang out with the Jonases?
Demi: I hung out with the boys a lot. We were at the same hotel, so I got to see them a lot. And we definitely tried to spend as much time together as we could, whether it was just like writing songs. . . for some reason when Nick and I hang out, like, that's what we do. We just end up writing songs. Like that's what we do to have fun. And with Joe, you know, like, Joe and I would just hang out as friends, watch TV, do whatever. And Kevin was kind of, you know, preoccupied with getting ready for his wedding, which isn't really that big of a deal, so I don’t know why he's preoccupied. No, but, I hung out with the girls too, as much as I could. I was at a different hotel, and instead of like just staying by myself the whole time, I would always go over. Chloe and I got really super close. So, I would go over there just to make sure that I could hang out with them.

Now let's catch up with Meaghan:
Q: So describe your character in Camp Rock 2.
Tess in the first movie is manipulative and conniving, and it's all for a reason though. It's because she has issues with her mom and her family and she just wants attention and doesn't know how to get it in a positive way. In the second movie she kind of redeemed herself a little. She's said sorry, she's tried to work things out and now she's trying to seek attention and love in other places. She sees the shiny and glittering lights of Camp Star and decides to head over there and that doesn't work out so well for her either. Poor Tess—her plans are horribly gone awry again.

Q: What kind of changes is she experiencing? Are there any musical changes as well?
Camp Star's more hip hop. Tess was definitely more on the hip hop side of Camp Rock, but she still wasn't fully there, but musically it was a big change for me. Our songs are very hip hop that Matthew and I do. There's even kind of like rapping bits in them, which is not very me, but it worked out well. And so that was fun to explore that and to explore that as Tess.

Q: What are you reading lately?
Well, my Harry Potter obsession I can always go on and on about. I have a horrific obsession with Harry Potter. It’s unhealthy. I should probably go to rehab for Harry Potter. And what else do I read? I’ve been reading a lot of nonfiction books lately which is weird for me. I don’t usually read nonfiction.>

Now let’s meet one of the new kids in the cast, Matthew "Mdot" Finley:

Q: What is the origin of your nickname, MDot.
I used to produce and sign M. Finley – “written by M. Finley” – so I just dropped out the Finley and spread out the dot.

Q: Let’s talk about your character, Luke, in Camp Rock 2.
Luke is the leader of Camp Star, which is across the lake, and he’s very headstrong. He’s all about his music, completely focused. He’s not really about friends; he just wants to make music . . . him and Tess hang out a lot in the movie so [he's] kind of the male version of Tess.

Q: Are you anything like him?
Sort of, in the fact that I’m focused on my music and I want to be a great performer, but I am definitely more of a people-person than he is because he’s kind of mean.

Q: Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
You can never get ahead while getting even. You just got to do you. You can’t try to make enemies, you’ve just got to do you. And don’t try to hold grudges, things like that.

Sounds like Tess and Luke are going to be shaking things up for Camp Rock. Which camp would you rather attend – rock-themed Camp Rock, or hip-hop-oriented Camp Star? Let us know in the comments!

— Kelli, Scholastic Staffer
Interviews by Tyrus Cukavac and Gerri Miller
Photos courtesy of Disney Channel

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  1. ana

    the thing is that camprock lost but campstar was still good i love the song fire and i know all the lyrics to introducing me im good at waisting time i think lyrics need to ryme we have sp much in common i love it i mean LOVE it when the moon looks like a toenail not kidding i hope u mean all that or you just had to sing that for the movie? any way love your movie

  2. lilacRoses

    i saw camp rock just cause. but if it were up to me i would go to camp rock. I would go cuz it more down to earth ,like a REAL camp should be . Thats the fun of it. Camp Star isn’t considered a real “camp” in my book. More like a retreat of some sort , if u know what I mean.

  3. eddy202

    i think i should talk about the percy jackson series the best series i ever read i was so overjoyed when i heard about it because i love greek mythology and i just loved the series i wish i was percy you know so i could drench bullies in water and survive underwater for a long time